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Bermuda Grass Sod

Bermuda grass sod is commonly used throughout seasonal climates, such as here in Southern Ontario. This type of lawn sod is also popular in our area since it grows quickly in the summer and goes dormant in the winter.

Using Bermuda Grass Sod in Southern Ontario

Bermuda Grass Sod

Bermuda grass is a popular lawn choice in communities such as Burlington, Milton, Missiassauga, Etobicoke and Oakville since it requires relatively little maintenance, especially in the winter. In the summer this lawn sod is resilient, durable and drought-resistant as well. It does grow rather quickly during warm weather and does require careful edging so that it will not spread to flowerbeds and gardens. Bermuda grass sod should also not be mixed with Bermuda grass seeds, since the latter product may contain hybrid grasses that may create an uneven appearance.

Laying down Bermuda grass sod is fairly straightforward. Once you have prepared the soil with a premium topdressing (organic topsoil and natural fibres), install the sod and water it once a day until the root systems are established. After that, you only need to water once or twice a week.

At Van Beek's Garden Supply, you can have Bermuda grass sod, topdressing and other lawn and gardening materials delivered right to your home, office or construction project. Measure the area where you want to install the sod and contact us for a price quote.

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