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Cedar Mulch

Cedar mulch is an aromatic, attractive and effective solution for your organic gardening and landscaping needs. Cedar mulch also excels at weed and insect control, which makes it a safe and natural alternative to potentially dangerous chemical fertilizers, insecticides and weed killers.

The Advantages of Cedar Mulch

Cedar Mulch

Here in Southern Ontario, more and more professional landscapers and home gardeners are turning to organic mulch to protect their plants. As many dangerous chemicals are banned from this area, cedar mulch has become a practical solution. In fact, BC red cedar is becoming a popular choice for other garden projects such as fencing and decorative rails and railroad ties.

Cedar itself has many advantages over other types of wood and bark. It's lightweight and resistant to moisture, decay and insects. The scent of cedar may be pleasant to humans, but it actually repels many pests. Cedar can also stand up to snow, wind and freezing temperatures, which makes it ideal for our climate. Because of these qualities, you'll spend less time replacing mulch every season since cedar can retain its strength, beauty and scent for many years. Some suppliers add an extra measure of protection by treating the wood with additional anti-rot and anti-fungal agents that are organic and safe.

Van Beek's Garden Supply has offered cedar mulch, fencing and other accessories in Southern Ontario since 1962. Call us for a price quote.

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