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Sod & Grass Seed

Whether you want a healthy lawn for the beauty it adds to your home, or because it’s a busy play space for kids and pets, Van Beek’s has the sod and seed that’s right for your needs.

Before Choosing Grass Seed or Sod


How you use your landscape, its drainage and exposure will help determine the best seed or sod:

  • Traffic – high traffic lawns need a hardier grass variety and protection during germination 
  • Sunlight – different grasses are better suited to high, medium or low sunlight exposure
  • Soil – consider your soil’s composition, drainage and grade 
  • The look you want – looking for a golf green…or a thick deep carpet?

The grass seed and sod specialists at Van Beek’s can help you get the lawn you have always wanted.



For a roll or a truckload, you can trust Van Beek’s sod to be of the highest quality.

  • Fresh Daily #1 Nursery Sod – through the spring and summer
  • Weed Resistant – our dense seeding pattern means more grass and fewer weeds

Sod Calculator = Length x Width

Mulch Calculator

How much sod do you need? Take the length of the area to be covered, multiply it by the width and yuo have your 'square measurent'.



Come to Van Beek’s for the internationally renowned Speare Grass Seed.  For over 35 years, Speare has been developing specialty seed blends at their Harriston, Ontario, nursery for distribution around the world. 

At Van Beek’s, you will find a full line of special seed blends from Speare for a variety of growing conditions

Why are Speare Seeds so good?

  • Guaranteed 99% pure – you will not find a grass seed that is more free of contaminants
  • Quality – Speare does nothing but grass seed, so they do it very well
  • Fresh – grass seed sitting on a store shelves for long periods can have a higher rate of non-germinating seeds.

Get it all at Van Beek’s!

Seed and sod need soil and Van Beek’s is your best source for soil in the GTA/Golden Horseshoe.  Our trucks can handle mixed shipments so you can order exactly the amount of soil, sod and seed you need and have it delivered directly to your site.

Contact Van Beek’s today and get everything you need for a healthy, green lawn.

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