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Easily accessible from anywhere in Milton, Van Beek’s Garden Supplies on Lower Base Line Rd. (right on the corner of Highway 25) is the landscape store of choice for homeowners and contractors.

Landscaping trends in Milton

Since Milton is a growing community, it makes sense that it would be on the forefront of the latest in landscape design.

As you travel through Milton, you’re certain to find residential and commercial properties featuring such hot trends as:

  • Using stormwater to nourish gardens and landscaping
  • Low-impact landscaping
  • Connecting homes and gardens to neighbourhood ponds
  • Naturalized gardens with native plants and organic fertilizers

Of course, Van Beek’s is your stop for products and advice when it comes to bringing these landscaping trends directly to your home.

The city and gardens of Milton are growing

Between 2006 and 2011, the population of Milton grew by 56%, making it Canada’s fastest growing community.

That’s because Milton offers a wonderful combination of small town charm, big city access and rich natural green space.

Take a look at how the population of Milton has grown over the years:

  • 1955: Approximately 3,000 people
  • 2015: Just over 100,000 people
  • 2030: Estimated to be 230,000 people

That’s a lot of expected growth.

And that’s a lot of new homes needing soil delivery, gardening products and other supplies in order to make their outdoor landscaping look beautiful.

It’s going to be a big job and we’re up for it.

The 11 neighbourhoods of Milton

Milton is divided into 11 neighbourhoods. Each of which has its own unique characteristics and amenities which make it a lovely place to live:

  • Dorset Park
  • Dempsey
  • Scott
  • Old Milton
  • Bronte Meadows
  • Timberlea
  • Clarke
  • Harrison
  • Wilmott
  • Coates
  • Beaty

Since 1962, we’ve been providing topsoil delivery, triple mix soil, interlocking stone pavers and other products and services to every corner of Milton.

Milton: a small town with big stars

For such a young municipality with a small (but growing) population, Milton has produced many people who are making the news and events which people talk about, including:

  • Ernie Coombs (aka Mr. Dressup)
  • Chris Hadfield (astronaut)
  • David James Elliott (actor)
  • L. Robertson (inventor of the Robertson screw driver)

Things to see and in Milton

Milton is all about building and growing a strong community. So on your way to – or from – Van Beek’s – make sure you take some time to discover Milton for yourself:

Events in Milton:

  • Downtown Milton Street Festival
  • Milton Santa Claus Parade
  • Shop the Neighbourhood
  • Downtown for the Holidays

Attractions in Milton:

  • Rattlesnake Point
  • Springridge Farm
  • Mohawk Racetrack
  • Kelso Conservation Area

We’re on the Milton border

Come to Van Beek’s near Milton and let us supply you for your gardening and landscaping needs.