Artificial Grass Etobicoke

artificial grass turf landscaping.

Owning a healthy, green lawn is a dream for many homeowners, but it’s a luxury that comes at a cost. Sod and seeded lawns may look great, but it requires a great deal of maintenance and attention to detail to preserve the look and feel of a healthy grass. Additionally, natural lawns are delicate and often susceptible to damage from harsh weather, making for a long list of expenses and yard work. Here are a few drawbacks that make natural lawns less appealing:

  • Bugs & pests
  • Constant maintenance and upkeep
  • Dry, patchy, or dead spots
  • Weeds & other infestations
  • Harmful fertilizer and chemical
  • Expensive: watering, mowing, trimming
  • Long transitions between seasons

However, science has come a long way in the past few years making artificial grass and turf in Etobicoke a great alternative to sod and seeding. Made of multiple layers of synthetic fibres, artificial grass is designed to replicate the look and feel of natural grass. Using a combination of synthetic turf, backing, cushioning, drainage layers, and infill, artificial grass is nearly indistinguishable from natural grass. Many homeowners are switching to artificial grass in Etobicoke for the following reasons:

It’s easier

Artificial grass in Etobicoke requires almost no maintenance after it’s installed. No mowing, trimming or fertilizing required.

It’s less expensive

Artificial grass doesn’t need to be watered or maintained, saving you hundreds or even thousands in yearly expenses.

It’s cleaner

Natural lawns are prone to bugs, pests, mud, and more. Since there is no sod, artificial grass lawns prevent any bugs to burrow. Furthermore, they can easily be washed away with a hose.

It’s more durable

Artificial grass in Etobicoke can last a lifetime, as opposed to yearly seeding or sodding of a standard natural lawn.

It always looks good

Forget the weeks of upkeep and watering after winter fades away. This grass stays green year round.

It’s safer

Unlike natural lawns, artificial grass doesn’t require any chemicals, fertilizers, or other agents that can harm kids or pets.

Artificial Lawn in Etobicoke

If you’re interested in less maintenance and durability when it comes to your lawn, an artificial lawn is a great alternative to natural grass and can provide continued benefits and savings well into the future. At Van Beek’s Garden Supplies, we can help find a product that’s right for you! We offer high-quality products and convenient installation to ensure you get the most out of your new artificial lawn in Etobicoke. Contact us or call 1-866-778-5824 for a FREE quote today!


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