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5 Reasons to Install Artificial Grass this Year

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February 17, 2023 at 3:12:57 PM PST February 17, 2023 at 3:12:57 PM PSTth, February 17, 2023 at 3:12:57 PM PST


This winter is doing a number on your sod – again.


You just know that once the spring thaw arrives, you’ll have dead grass and bald patches all over your lawn – again.


And you’re tired of dealing with it – again.


If you’ve been thinking about installing artificial grass and turf from Van Beek’s Garden Supplies on your property this year, here are reasons why you should finally make the switch.


Artificial grass looks good all year long


Reason 1: No maintenance required

Once the synthetic lawn is laid down, you’re done.


You have a perfectly green, perfectly manicured lawn that’ll stay perfect all year long.


That means:

- No need to augment your lawn withgrass seed


- You can sell your lawnmower and edge trimmer (since you won’t be needing them)


- Pesky weeds are a thing of the past


Just imagine the look and convenience of having a perpetually beautiful lawn!


Lastly, should a patch of area of your artificial grass get ruined, replacing it can be as easy as removing the old patch and putting a new one in its place.


No pesticide needed


Reason 2: It’s free of pesticides and fertilizer

Pesticides are used to eliminate any pest who wants to eat, nest or otherwise destroy your lawn.


And fertilizer is used to help with grass growth.


But since your artificial lawn is already perfect, you won’t need to use any of those harmful and expensive chemicals anymore.


With artificial turf in place, your grass won’t:

- Go bald

- Turn brown or yellow

- Burn when it’s hot out and a watering ban is in effect


Plus, insects and other critters won’t be attracted to it because there’s:

- Nothing to eat

- Nowhere to dig or burrow

- Not an ideal place to lay eggs


Add it up and it means you’ve got a great-looking lawn that’s free of pesticides and fertilizers.


Conserve water


Reason 3: No watering needed

There are great ways to save water on your lawn once the hot weather hits.


The best way, though, is to not use water in the first place.


Instead of using litres upon litres of water in an attempt to keep it green, you’ll only need to use a minimal amount to wash away any dirt or stains.


When it comes to lawn watering in Canada during the summer, the numbers are astonishing:


- 4 billion litres of water are used daily for watering and irrigation


- Using 1100 litres of water daily (which some homes do) is the same as leaving the hose running for 8 hours


- 50% of daily summer water usage is wasted altogether


Using less water is helpful for the environment.


It also helps lower your monthly water bills too.


Reason 4: Long-lasting durability

Even if you do what it takes to achieve 90% of germination on your grass seed, natural grass will wither and die with prolonged usage.


On the other hand, artificial grass lasts longer and can handle a bigger workload.


Whether kids are playing on it, pets are using it or outdoor furniture is sitting on it, artificial grass and turf is tough and won’t flatten.


On average, an artificial lawn that gets exceptionally heavy usage (like on a football field) lasts approximately 10 years.


Which means the synthetic grass you install at your home will last much longer than that (around 20 years).


It’s pet-friendly


Reason 5: It’s safe for kids and pets

As mentioned in reason #2, you don’t need to use harsh fertilizers or pesticides to keep your lawn looking its best.


So you don’t have to worry about exposing your children to any chemicals.


Plus, artificial grass isn’t as slick as the real thing. If you have active kids, you’ll have less of a worry of them slipping on it.


And if they do fall, synthetic turf will act as a safe, soft cushion.


In regards to pets, they won’t be inclined to chew it or dig it up.


And cleaning up after pets is easy, just grab the hose and wash away dirt or debris.


Want to know more about artificial grass?

Here are some artificial grass FAQs you may be wondering about:


Q: What’s it made from?

Usually, the bottom (aka the topsoil) is plastic, polyester or recycled tire pieces (like in a playground). The blades themselves are made from nylon and polypropylene.


Q: Does it flood?

Synthetic turf is permeable. Water will just drain right through it to a draining base made from rubber, sand or other aggregate.


Q: Where can it be used?

The short answer: Everywhere. Back and front lawns. Rooftop gardens. Swimming pool decks. Play areas. Wherever you currently have real grass, you can replace it with artificial sod.


You’ll love it


Contact us to learn more about our artificial grass

Here’s another reason why you should install artificial grass this year: You’ll spend much more time enjoying your lawn and much less time working on it.


If you have any questions about the artificial grass we carry – or if you want a free quote – all you have to do is contact us with the information you’re looking for.


We’ll get back to you – ASAP – with the answers and expert advice you need.