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6 Hardscaping Projects You Can Do Yourself

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February 9, 2023 10:50:30 AM PST February 9, 2023 10:50:30 AM PSTth, February 9, 2023 10:50:30 AM PST


Everyone loves the money-saving aspect of DIY projects. Plus, when you step back to look at your final result, you also get the satisfaction of saying, “Yeah, I did that”! Fortunately, when it comes to outdoor landscaping and hardscaping, there are an array of features you can create yourself without the help of professionals.


In this post, we share six satisfying and simple hardscaping DIY projects you can complete to beautify your front and back yards.

What is Hardscaping?

You’re likely familiar with the term landscaping, but did you know that landscaping can be split into hardscaping and softscaping? As you might’ve guessed, hardscaping refers to hard, structural fixtures such as stonework, fences, and driveways. On the other hand, softscaping includes “softer” features such as grass, flowers, trees and shrubs.

The balance of soft and hard landscaping is what can truly make your outdoor spaces stand out. Luckily, many hardscaping projects are easy to complete yourself, some of which you’ll find below.


1. Paths and Walkways

Paths and walkways can be as simple or complex as you want them to be. You have the option of using interlocking pavers, concrete, brick or natural stones. As beautiful as a winding, paved path may look, you can keep it as simple as possible by opting for a flagstone path that looks effortlessly charming.


2. Fences

Installing a fence is also something you can do on your own with minimal experience. If you’re looking for hardscaping ideas on a budget, a wooden fence may be your best bet. Fences made of wood are cheaper, easier to install and provide plenty of privacy. On the other hand, you can install metal fences or take a stab at stone masonry. However, at this point, you may be venturing out of simple DIY territory.


3. Garden & Retaining Walls

Decorative garden and retaining walls can add dimension to your outdoor space. Made of stone or brick, retaining walls mitigate erosion and serve as a border for elevated garden beds. Decorative walls can be arranged around the main retaining wall to create a tiered effect. Best of all, these walls can be dry-laid—i.e. no mortar needed.


4. Firepits

Like retaining walls, firepits can also be dry-laid. Simply stack stone blocks or bricks in a closed shape to create the space for your fire. A circular shape may come to mind first, but you can have fun with other shapes too, such as squares, ovals and even something more abstract.


Take a look at our DIY firepit kits here!

5. Rock Beds

Rock beds complement garden beds and softer attributes beautifully. These hardscape features can be arranged in various ways using any kind of rock. Most commonly, you’ll find river rock beds which are arranged in flowing, curvy patterns filled with rounded river rocks.


6. Hardscape Lighting

Whether you have hardscaping already in place or you’re looking to finish off another DIY project, hardscape lighting is the perfect finishing touch. Add soft lighting to walls, walkways, and gardens to illuminate and enhance your landscape at night. Lighting is typically inexpensive and easy to install, especially if you opt for solar-powered lights.


Ready to start your hardscape landscaping project? At Van Beek’s, you’ll find everything you need. We carry pavers, natural stone, DIY packages and more!