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8 Pool Landscaping Ideas to Create Your Outdoor Oasis

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February 23, 2023 at 8:27:59 AM PST February 23, 2023 at 8:27:59 AM PSTrd, February 23, 2023 at 8:27:59 AM PST


There is no doubt we are entering the decade of the staycation where nothing is more inviting or relaxing than your own backyard. To make every weekend a vacation in paradise, these eight pool landscaping ideas can help you create your own private outdoor oasis.



1. Create a Clear Path

Help define the areas of your backyard using pathways to take you from feature to feature. Lovely natural stone or a wide selection of interlocking pavers allow you to create clear paths that lead people to the most desirable areas of your backyard. From your deck to the pool, and the perfect spot to read under a shady tree, paths also add texture and interest.


2. Large and Luxurious

To create a more upscale feel, do everything on a larger scale. You can choose larger slabs of natural stone for your backyard pool layout, or create an illusion using two tones of interlocking pavers in a large-scale checkerboard design. When you choose to design on a larger scale, the vastness is calming. It also has a more luxurious feel as it helps expand your space.


3. Soothing Water Features

The sound of gently trickling water creates a serene feeling. Adding a customized water feature in your pool landscaping ideas is an excellent way to create interest and serenity. Fountains, waterfalls, little bubblers, or gently flowing spouts are just a few ideas that allow you to create a tailored water feature for intrigue or elegance.


4. Comforting Fire Pit

Imagine taking a midnight dip and then cozying up to your outdoor fire pit wrapped in a luxurious blanket. This is the ideal evening spot to gather, chat, and enjoy some sโ€™mores. These welcoming backyard pool landscaping ideas can be casual and laid back, or elegant and dramatic based on your sense of style. You can use interlocking pavers to design your fire pit, and even install benches as part of your hardscaping plan.


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5. Texture with Hardscaping

Instead of settling on the traditional lawn, consider using hardscaping finishes with an assortment of interesting materials. The Zen garden uses a combination of sand, rocks, and pebbles to combine the softness of plants and shrubs with the texture of hard materials found in nature. This also works well with tall grasses and affordable manmade materials such as pavers.


6. Intimate or Dramatic Lighting

Lighting has become a major backyard feature not only for safe paths and stairs but also to help set the mood. Light cast on a stone wall creates shadows and texture, while subtle lighting can be used to draw attention to features such as trees, hedges, or trellises. Hardwired strings of fairy lights are more whimsical while luxurious outdoor chandeliers create drama and elegance.


7. Customized Coping Stone

Add a defined finish to your pool edge with coping stones to create a more tailored look. Whether you want a rustic feel, or something more contemporary, you can use a wide selection of pool deck stones instead of the edging that comes with your basic inground pool installation.


8. Exotic Plants

Instead of focusing on your garden, for what to put around your pool, add a more tropical feel using urns filled with exotics plants. Palms, cedars, hibiscus, or even fruit trees like citrus or fig add a garden of Eden paradise-feel to your outdoor oasis.


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