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Easy Wood Projects for Kids Using Firewood

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February 22, 2023 at 2:23:35 PM PST February 22, 2023 at 2:23:35 PM PSTnd, February 22, 2023 at 2:23:35 PM PST


Hanging out with the kids next to the fire is a great way to pass the last few days of winter. When they get a little antsy, you can even have them make a project out of the raw firewood, to be painted however they please. Here are four firewood projects to delight and occupy your children.


Neon Firewood

If you need a simple project that the kids can get started on right away, these logs fit the bill. You can trim off the tree bark, but you don’t have to. Simply give the kids each a few blocks, a triangle stencil and some paint. We suggest bright, even neon wood paint.


If you have some budding artists, you can even choose paint that match your living room and place the wood in your firewood holder or shelving as a permeant décor piece. Just be sure not to burn painted wood.


Simple Wood Snowmen

You don’t need to do much prep work to set your kids to work making these delightful snowmen. Just gather paint (white, black and orange), and strips of spare fabric. Instruct your children as they hold the firewood vertically, paint the snowmen on, and wrap the fabric around the heads and necks of the snowmen. You can use a staple gun to secure the fabric or you can tie it on with twine.


If you’re doing this as a spring project, you might consider making the Easter bunny or a St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun instead. Use cotton balls if you’re making the Easter bunny, or cut out green paper into a hat for your leprechaun.



Firewood Planter

Here is another great spring firewood project that will help you use up any left-over wood and create a stunning, natural planter. Follow these instructions to make it:


1. Step one: Buy a plastic planter bin.


2. Step two: Build a firewood base for the bin to elevate it off the ground.


3. Step three: Cut your leftover firewood into one and a half-inch thick pieces. Also, cut them into triangles.


4. Step four: Glue the pieces to the bin with strong glue, alternating them to create a distinct look.


There you have it, a new planter. Don’t forget to buy soil and mulch for the container and place your


Wooden Christmas Trees

You may need to prepare this project in advance if you have young children. Cut your firewood into flat triangular pieces, with the bark on the bottom to create a cute fringe on the base of the tree. If you like, buy or create wooden stands so the tree is upright. Then, let the kid’s imagination run wild as they paint the tree. Add glitter, popcorn, beads, or other craft items as ornaments.


Contact Van Beek’s for all your firewood needs this winter. You can even order online and have it delivered!