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Pattern Ideas for Popular Interlock Products

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February 17, 2023 9:50:18 AM PST February 17, 2023 9:50:18 AM PSTth, February 17, 2023 9:50:18 AM PST


Courtesy of our interlocking stone pavers product suppliers:

- Unilock

- Permacon

- Navascape/Hanson Hardscapes


Here is some patio, driveway or walkway laying pattern ideas for you to get some inspiration from.


And whether you plan on doing it yourself or using a preferred contractor to help your project come to life, Van Beek’s Garden Supplies is here to help in any way possible.


Click on each image to view a larger size. Pattern links open in a new window.


All images and patterns courtesy of Unilock. Permacon & Navascape/Hanson Hardscapes, respectively.




Clean, sharp and dynamic, Artline pavers attract immediate attention with their precise lines and shape.

Bristol Valley

A popular alternative to flagstone, Bristol Valley interlock is ideal for creating sleek-looking driveways and patios.


Inspired by town squares found in old-world Europe, Copthorne has a timeless, classy appearance which will never go out of style.


Squares and rectangles have never been more rugged and random than with Thornbury interlock stones.


Its edges are clean and its surface has a bit of texture, but Windermere stones are all about a low-key, low-stress look.




Ideal for larger driveways or patios, the Mega-Trafalgar paver is moderately textured and has bigger joints vs. other stone products.

Melville Classic

Geometric basics and exceptionally clean lines allow for multiple pattern design options when it comes to the Melville Classic.

Vendome Pavers

Inspired by the past but constructed for the long-term, Vendome Pavers’ odd-shaped edges are perfect for giving your walkway a touch of personality.

Canvas Pavers

Bring the look of weathered cobblestone to your patio or driveway with the historical look & feel of Canvas Pavers from Permacon.


Navascape/Hanson Hardscapes

AquaPave Niagara

These permeable pavers come in a variety of colours which will add a creative flair to any hardscaping project.

NaturalCast Traveno

Inspired by the earthy feel of the Mediterranean, these relaxed interlocking stones capture the spirit of authentic travertine stone direct from the quarry.


Kensington pavers have a surface texture that’s mimics natural stone and is strong enough to withstand high-traffic areas.


Come to us for ALL your interlock needs

Now that you have some design inspiration, your next step is to make it happen.


And we want to help.


If you need more information about our interlock stone pavers, are looking for a FREE product quote or want to arrange delivery in Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington or Milton, all you need to do is contact us.