Seven Fall Backyard Clean-Up Jobs

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February 17, 2023 11:28:42 AM PST February 17, 2023 11:28:42 AM PSTth, February 17, 2023 11:28:42 AM PST


Thoroughly cleaning up your yard this autumn accomplishes three important objectives:

- Restoration after a very long, hot and dry summer

- Preparation for spring maintenance once winter is over

- Presentation to ensure it looks warm and welcoming


A little bit of hard work now (with some friendly help from Van Beek’s Garden Supplies) will make sure your yard is ready for the cool days ahead.


The best way to tidy up your landscaping is from the top down. So that’s where we’ll begin.



Job 1: Clear your gutters and eavestroughs

Before the leaves really start to fall, you should climb up (safely, of course) and clear any soil, dirt and debris from your gutters.


Using a small garden towel to scoop up the gunk should suffice.


If you come across any solid or rock-hard pieces of dirt trapped in your gutters:

- First, pour water over it to loosen it up and break it free

- Then, use a garden hose to rinse it through your downspouts




Job 2: Prune trees, hedges, bushes and shrubs

Trim away and dispose of any dead, sick or overgrown limbs.


Otherwise, they’ll weaken, crack and fall underneath the weight of winter snowfall.


And should those branches land on your roof, you could end up with a costly winter roof repair bill.


If you can’t safely reach and/or cut higher or heavier branches, don’t risk injuring yourself.


Instead, use a preferred contractor who has the experience and equipment to safely remove them for you.




Job 3: Protect your interlock

Chances are your interlocking stone pavers got quite the workout in summer.


Now that people are walking on it less and less, you should clean and seal your natural stone areas in just a few easy steps.


Washing the stones

- Use a pressure washer to clean away and mould, dust, stains and other gunk

- Sweep the pavers with a broom to replace any lost polymeric sand

- Rinse the paving stones one last time with a hose


Sealing the stones

- Check the weather to make sure there’s no threat of rain or precipitation in the next 36 hours


- Apply the first coat sealer product of choice to your patio using a roller or sprayer


- Let the first coat dry for 24 hours


- Apply the second coat of sealer and let dry for an additional 12 hours


When you’re done, your interlock pavers will look good and be protected from the elements during the rest of fall, all through winter and into spring.




Job 4: Start a compost pile

Composting at home is a great way to clean your backyard and be environmentally friendly at the same time.


When clearing out your garden, remove any dead stems and put blackened plants in a garbage bag, trash can or compost bin.


Good candidates for composting include:

- Zinnias

- Petunias

- Marigolds

- Peonies

- Lilies


Doing this now will prevent the spread of disease or weeds during winter (yes, it can happen).


And it’ll give you a supply of fresh, nutrient-rich compost to use in spring.




Job 5: Clean your gardening tools

Question: When was the last time your garden tools really sparkled?


Answer: Probably when you took them home from the store.


When you’re done gardening for the season, give your tools a good polish by taking a few minutes to wipe away and dirt and debris.


After that, spread some oil on them to prevent rust from forming over the winter.




Job 6: Lawn care

Fall lawn care has two elements to it:

- Prepping it to survive the winter

- Making it ready for greening-up once spring hits.


Fall is the perfect time to strengthen, clean and prepare your sod for the winter:


- Apply organic weed killer to minimize the risk of infestation


- Aerate your soil and rake away any thatch


- Spread a layer of fall fertilizer


- Mow grass blades no shorter than 1/3 of their height


- Blow any grass clippings or dirt back on to your lawn




Job 7: Tidy up your garden bed

Any dead plants or flowers should be removed and composted (if possible).


Then, mulch your garden bed with a fresh layer of compost.


Doing this will make your garden look good and provide vital nutrients and warmth for the cool fall and cold winter.


All jobs start at Van Beek’s Garden Supplies

Now that you know what to do, it’s time to do it.


And we want to help.


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