Face Cord Wood Hamilton 

face cord wood hamilton

Looking for a Face Cord of Wood in Hamilton?

As the colder months draw in, now is the time to get wood stoves and fireplaces ready to go. You want your stove or fireplace to be able to support you all through the winter and into the damp spring months. Take the time now to make sure you are ready. Firewood and the stacking of your firewood is an integral part of this process.

Face Cord and Full Cord

Looking for a face cord of wood in Hamilton? Start off by ensuring you know what you’re ordering. A face cord of wood is equal to 32 cubic feet and it will stack differently depending on the length of the logs you choose. A face cord of 12” firewood will stack to four feet high, by eight feet long, by 12 inches deep, whereas a face cord of 16” firewood will stack to four feet high, by six feet long, by 16 inches deep. If you do the math, both stacks are equal to 32 cubic feet of wood.

On the other side of the spectrum, you have a full cord, which is an amount of firewood that fills a space equal to four feet high, by eight feet long, by four feet deep. With 12” firewood that would stack to four full rows and 16” firewood would stack to three rows.

How Long Should a Face Cord Last?

You want to have enough firewood for the entire season. However, the amount you’ll need will depend on your needs. Someone who uses a stove once in a while isn’t going to need nearly as much as someone who’s using a log burner to heat up their entire home every single day.

We estimate that over a typical winter, a 1000 sq.ft house will use roughly three cords of firewood, but this estimate depends on a few varying factors. First, you have to look at your own home, how much you will be using your fire, and whether you have adequate insulation. Another important determiner is the firewood that you choose to burn.

Signs of Good Quality Wood

Having high-quality wood to burn is imperative. Different woods give a different type of burn and experience. Van Beek’s offers a huge choice of high-quality firewood. Choose from our extensive range here.

Firewood Home Delivery

Looking for a face cord of wood in Hamilton? Let Van Beek’s take care of all of your firewood needs this winter. Order a face cord of wood today for delivery in Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, and Southern Ontario.

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