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Why Fire Logs Are a Great Choice for Heating

Your fireplace or wood burning furnace can get a little more welcoming this winter. Our Hamilton fire logs are a popular choice for long-lasting warmth during the colder months. They provide rich heat, a gentle aroma of slow-burning wood, and a strong flame to create a restful atmosphere. There’s no better backdrop to your winter traditions than a burning fire log.

The Benefits of Burning a Fire Log This Winter

In nature, winter is a time of rest. Trees and animals begin to hibernate, thick layers of snow muffle sound, and early sunsets have us fall asleep sooner rather than later. Although winter is a beautiful season, it’s also a cold one. With electricity and gas utility costs rising, there are many benefits of using fire logs to heat your home this winter.  

Creates an intimate atmosphere

Can a robust heating source really bring you a better winter rest? We think so. Wood-burning fireplaces and furnaces bring an enveloping warmth that can set a distinct atmosphere in your home

Long lasting heat

A single cord of wood will last most families a whole winter, even if we have a very cold one. Not only do fire logs last long and provide sufficient heat, but in combination with a wood-burning furnace, it can significantly reduce your heating costs.

Renewable source of energy

Some homeowners are concerned about using wood for fuel, assuming that cutting down trees may negatively impact the environment. However, firewood sales actually increase the demand for mature trees, which are grown specifically for firewood. Fire logs are a renewable source of energy that is quite efficient, with the right stove or fireplace.

Different Types of Firewood

We offer a wide selection of legal, low-moisture firewood that can fulfil your winter heating needs. We deliver pre-split fire logs directly to your home, so all you have to do is add them to your furnace or fireplace. Take a look at our variety of different types of firewood:

  • Birch: A fast-burning wood you can use to start fires.
  • Oak: A slow-burning wood that provides excellent heat.
  • Hickory: Produces less smoke and provides a lovely aroma.
  • Cherry: Gives off a lovely aroma and lots of sparks.
  • Mixed blend: Our special mixed blend is designed to optimize light, heat, and length of fire. It includes birch, beech, maple, and oak.

Fire Logs in Hamilton

When it comes to burning natural fire logs, don’t settle for less. Ensure you stay warm this winter with high quality seasoned firewood. Contact us at Van Beek’s Landscape Supply for fire logs in Hamilton and ask about our free home delivery. 

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