Firewood Supplier in BurlingtonFirewood supplier in greater toronto area.

Find a firewood supplier in Burlington that fits your needs. Whether you have a wood burning stove, fireplace, firepit, or a restaurant with a wood-burning oven. Ensuring you have high quality wood is essential for producing intense heat. When choosing the right firewood supplier, quality varies substantially between different businesses. Take into consideration these questions and factors before making your choice, so you can rest assured you’re receiving the best product and service.

Firewood Supplier Questions to Ask

These answers will help you determine the best supplier for all your firewood needs:

  • What type of wood are you buying?  – hardwood, softwood or a mixed blend? Does the firewood supplier specify which type of wood it is in the information?
  • Has the wood been seasoned properly? What is the level of dryness of the log or firewood?
  • What is the size of the wood being supplied? Are they small and easy to handle or will they be too big for your fireplace or woodburner?
  • Does the log supplier sell by volume or by weight? They should sell only by volume.  It’s much better to buy logs by volume rather than weight as unseasoned logs could weigh more.
  • Does the wood come from a sustainable source? Are they a local supplier of firewood in Burlington?
  • Does the supplier offer firewood delivery to your home/business? This is more subjective to your needs and preference.

Firewood Supplier in Burlington

At Van Beek’s, we’re a professional firewood supplier in Burlington. We carry a wide variety of wood including birch, hickory, maple, oak, cherry, and mixed blend. Looking for something specific? Visit our store locations to view our speciality firewood! Our firewood is always fully seasoned so you can be confident you’ll have a perfect fire for all your heating needs. We also offer firewood delivery straight to your home or business. Contact us or call 1-866-778-5824 for a free consultation on your firewood delivery!

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