Grass Seed Etobicoke

grass seed etobicoke

Not sure if grass seed in Etobicoke is right for you? Simply put, grass seed is a very economical way to provide a thick and stronger grass that helps to combat weeds, provide a safe surface for play, and withstand wear and tear of foot traffic. Here are some simple tips and guidelines to help you better understand the function of grass seed and how to use it.

What is Grass Seed?

Grass seed comes from harvesting glass plants. You may be wondering how does your grass form seeds? If you leave your lawn unmowed and allow it to grow tall, seed heads (called inflorescences) emerge then turn into flowers for pollination by window or animal transfer. The flowers eventually go dormant and hardened into a seed. This hardening is called maturing, and the seeds become ready for natural dispersion or collection by the grower. When laying grass seed down on a damaged lawn or bare areas, this technique is called overseeding.

Why Should You Lay Grass Seed?

There are many benefits of laying grass seed including:

  • It’s an affordable option that delivers great results.
  • Laying grass seed is an efficient process that takes very little effort.
  • Grass seed comes in different types and varieties so you can choose which one works best for your lawn.
  • Grass seed helps grow strong and healthy root systems to help regenerate a long-lasting lawn.

Signs Your Lawn Needs Grass Seed

If you’re planting a brand-new lawn or if your existing lawn appears damaged, thin or unhealthy looking then it’s time to lay down grass seed.

Many experts believe it’s best to lay grass seed in Etobicoke between mid-August and mid-September. This timeframe can vary, depending on the weather. During this time of the year, the soil temperature and moisture conditions are extremely optimal for germination and root establishment. There is also less competition from weeds to take valuable nutrients away from the grass.

How To Apply Grass Seed To Your Lawn

Prepare the soil – For new lawns, loosen the top couple of inches of soil, remove any debris (like sticks or stones), break up the soil and level it out. For existing lawns, mow the grass as short as possible, loosen the top quarter of soil in bare spots, remove debris, and level the area.

Plant seeds – For new lawns spread the seed evenly with a spreader and spread seed by hand for existing lawns.

Cover seeds – Lightly drag the area so no more than a quarter of soil covers the grass seed.

Water often – Keep the area moist to encourage germination. Water it lightly but frequently.

Grass Seed in Etobicoke

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