Landscaping Stones Toronto

landscaping stones toronto

Landscaping stones in Toronto are a beautiful and versatile tool that can be used for a variety of landscaping purposes. They can be used sparingly, such as around gardens or stepping stones, or they can be used to construct patios and walkways. No matter how you use them, they are a stunning addition to any landscape in Toronto.

What Types of Landscaping Stones Should You Use?

Landscaping stones come in a variety of sizes and styles. There are small landscaping stones such as pebbles, granular stones and various types of granite. Medium size stones include red lava rocks, white marble, and potato stone.

If you’re looking for a larger style of stone, river rock, large granite pebbles and pond stones are strong choices. In fact, granite pebbles come in an assortment of sizes making them useful for any landscaping purpose.

Stones are extremely versatile in how they can be used. You can really let your imagination run wild with the possibilities. So, no matter what size or style of landscaping stone you choose, make sure it complements your outdoor design.

Features & Benefits of Landscaping Stones

Besides just being used for visual aesthetics, landscaping stones have many other practical benefits. Very small stones, also known as aggregates, are very useful to anyone who wants a low-maintenance garden. They can be used almost anywhere and come in a variety of colours.

Slightly larger stones, such as different types of pebbles, gravel or clear stone, can take the place of mulch if desired. They protect the soil and roots of your plants from harsh weather and will also keep pesky weeds out.

Medium to large stones, such as river rock, work well for outlining garden beds. With their round and smooth shape, they flow together wonderfully around gardens of any size. They can also replace the need to edge gardens, which can save you time and energy every spring.

Landscaping Stones in Toronto

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