Five Ways to Use Natural Stone for Landscaping

Natural stone is a beautiful addition to the landscape around your home. Sturdy and rugged, natural stone adds an exquisite, polished look to any backyard when correctly incorporated, and a natural stone patio can be the perfect accent to your overall aesthetic. There are multiple ways that landscaping stones can be infused throughout the design […]

How to Lay Natural Stone and Flagstone Patio Stones.

If you’re thinking of updating your landscaping, then natural stone for your patio is a great choice. Not only can you enhance the appearance and comfort of your garden, but you can use a natural and reliable product for entertaining areas, patios, and walkways, giving you a space that will perform well for many years […]

How Our Bin Services Process is An Eco-Friendly Way to Give Back

Is your summer yard looking a little messy? There are always a few leftover piles of debris from your list of gardening tasks that get pushed off to the side rather than put into bags. Whether you have a small task or a larger project, removing old stone, digging out a garden bed, or disposing […]

What is the Best Type of Mulch to Use?

Choosing the right type of mulch  for your gardens is a tough but important decision. The wrong mulch can not only have a drastic effect on how your home looks overall but can also have other negative effects such as being less insulating and not repelling insects as well as other mulches. Use our mulch […]

How Artificial Grass Can Help Save You Time and Money

For a better-looking lawn find out why artificial grass is a key low maintenance alternative and what tools you need to keep it looking its best. Why Artificial Grass is a Low Maintenance Alternative Artificial grass is a key choice for many homeowners and businesses as it’s much easier to maintain than natural grass and […]

DIY Ground Prep for Sod Installation from Van Beek’s

With these tips for ground prep for sod installation you can install your sod yourself, like a pro. DIY Ground Prep for Sod Installation How to Prepare Your Ground to Install Sod Like A Pro When it comes to ground prep for sod installation, there are several factors to consider before starting your new sod […]

How Early Can You Plant Grass Seed?

If you’re looking to get ahead on planting grass seed, keep in mind that you still need the help of Mother Nature. So, what conditions and temperature does grass seed germinate in? For your grass seed to thrive, it requires the right amount of warmth and moisture. This is why it’s typically recommended to seed […]

Why is Landscape Budget Planning Important?

Like any home project, starting a landscaping endeavour can be a lot of work and you need to have a plan in place to help ensure things go smoothly. A project can go off the rails quite easily, so having a landscape budget can help in a variety of ways, including: Helping to keep costs […]

Where is Firewood Sourced From?

In Canada, we are very lucky to have roughly 9% of the world’s forests. Many different types of firewood come from specific areas. Softwood, which derives from coniferous trees, is generally from British Columbia. Hardwood, which is from deciduous trees such as birch, maple and oak, is primarily found in southern Ontario and Quebec. Different […]

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Fire Safety in The Winter Months

Many people kindle a fire in their fireplace through the winter to enjoy a warm, glowing flame. If you’re among them, it will be essential for you to follow fire safety best practices to keep your family safe. Every week in winter a fire will claim eight lives in Canada. Even if you don’t keep […]