Artificial Turf FAQs


Tired of constantly watering and fertilizing your sod, only to watch it go brown and die?

Thinking about replacing your lawn with artificial grass & turf?

You’re not alone. Many people have contacted us here at Van Beek’s Garden Supplies wanting to know more about it.

To help you out, we’ve put together an FAQ list on all things artificial turf.

If you don’t see you particular question answered here, tell us what you want to know and we’ll be in touch with the information you need.

1. Why should I install artificial grass?

There are multiple reasons to use artificial grass around your home. The main benefits are:

  • Low maintenance: Once it’s installed, there’s not much you have to do to keep up its appearance. In fact, artificial grass is a great option for elderly homeowners.
  • No watering necessary: Your water bill will be cut down dramatically. And it also helps during the occasional summertime watering ban.
  • Environmentally friendly: There’s no need for chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Plus you won’t need to cut it with either a gas or electric-powered lawnmower.
  • It’s tough: If you have pets or young children, artificial grass can withstand heavy use without getting ruined.
  • Stays green all year long: Pretty self-explanatory.

Artificial grass clear2. What is artificial turf made from?

The bottom (think where the topsoil would be) of the grass is a carpet that’s usually made of plastic, polyester or even recycled tire pieces.

The actual blades of grass are a combination of nylon and polypropelene.


3. Does artificial grass flood?

Unlike lawns grown from grass seed, artificial turf is permeable.

No matter how heavy the rainfall gets, the water will simply drain right through it. No flooding, pooling or ponding to worry about.

Your preferred contractor may recommend installing a draining base made of rubber, sand or another type of aggregate material.

Grass clock clear4. How long does artificial grass last?

It really depends on how much use the area gets.

With regular, everyday use (think of kids running and playing on it, pet use, etc.) artificial grass should provide approximately (give or take) 20 years of maintenance-free enjoyment.

Some other things to note about the longevity of fake grass:

  • It won’t fade or flatten when people step on it
  • High-quality products are UV protected to keep its colour, year-after-year

One last thing, artificial grass which gets exceptionally heavy usage (like on a football field) will usually last around 8 to 11 years, give or take.

Dog on grass5. Is it pet-friendly?

Yes it is.

Your pets should treat and react to artificial grass the same way they do to normal grass sod and seed.

The only difference is they can’t dig it up.

Cleaning up after pets is a breeze. In fact, you should be able to wash any pet debris away with your hose (no need to stoop and scoop).

And if there are any areas with stubborn pet odours, you can use a disinfectant product to remove any smells and kill any bacteria.

6. Where can artificial grass be used?

While lawns and landscaping are the most commonly used surfaces, artificial grass can be installed almost anywhere, including:

Artificial grass also has commercial uses too:

  • Garages
  • Conservatories
  • Shopping centres
  • Product displays and showrooms

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