How to Clean Your Artificial Grass and Prepare It for Spring

As the snow melts, it can leave mud and debris behind on your artificial grass, and leave it feeling a little smushed. Before you start entertaining in spring and summer, it’s wise to clean up the lawn. Plus, as you spend more time outside you may end up spilling on your synthetic grass. You need …

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Five Ways to Use Natural Stone for Landscaping

Natural stone is a beautiful addition to the landscape around your home. Sturdy and rugged, natural stone adds an exquisite, polished look to any backyard when correctly incorporated, and a natural stone patio can be the perfect accent to your overall aesthetic. There are multiple ways that landscaping stones can be infused throughout the design …

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How to Lay Natural Stone and Flagstone Patio Stones.

If you’re thinking of updating your landscaping, then natural stone for your patio is a great choice. Not only can you enhance the appearance and comfort of your garden, but you can use a natural and reliable product for entertaining areas, patios, and walkways, giving you a space that will perform well for many years …

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