6 Questions to Ask When Designing Your Landscape Project PT. 3

Determine the scope of your Project In part 2 of this series we talked about determining the overall scope of your landscape project. In this post we will talk about the areas you’ll be working with. Are you working on the back yard, front yard, side or driveway? Maybe you plan to do them all.

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6 Questions to ask When Designing Your Landscape Project PT.2

Determine the scope of your Project In the last post, we talked a bit about determining the scope of your project. That simply means the size of the project and where you are starting from. The three starting points are from a fresh start or from the dirt up, replacing an existing project with something

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How Long Does the Average Landscape Project Take?

Estimating construction time is one of the most difficult tasks a contractor faces. It can take many years of experience and completed projects to say with confidence how long a given task should take to complete. Even then, factors outside of a landscape contractor’s control – the weather, materials suppliers and subcontractors, for example –

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