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improve your lawn and yard

5 Ways to Improve Your Lawn & Yard

Are you bored of the way your lawn and yard looks? Luckily, your grass can be greener on the Van Beek’s side! There are many ways to alter your lawn look to meet your personal design vision. Here are five ways to improve your lawn and yard:

Use multiple seeds and grass types

It is important to try different types of grass and seeds because some are more durable, while other types require varying amounts of sunshine and shade.

Add grading to your lawn

Adding different textures and surfaces to your lawn can create a unique look. More importantly, it can create better drainage throughout your property… no one says your lawn has to be flat!

Experiment with new shapes and lines

Add curves around trees, rock gardens, etc. this can make your lawn more visually appealing- don’t be alarmed if you don’t like the lines you create they are easy to change back!

Insert new lighting

Combining different light fixtures for functional or decorative purposes can create more usable space, make your home safer, and allow you to enjoy your grass for longer periods of the day.

Insert built-in pathways

Interlocking steps from your sidewalk to your house is a great way to keep visitors off parts of your lawn and create a charming feel to your property.

Improve Your Lawn & Yard With Van Beek’s Products

Triple Mix Soil

This combination of soil, peat moss, and compost is made to provide your garden with the vital nutrients it needs to thrive and prosper throughout the summer. It makes for the base of your lawn/garden and at Van Beek’s you can count on a constant supply with consistent characteristics: colour, moisture, and texture.

Grass Seed

It’s important to get grass seeds that will thrive quickly with minimum weeds. The seeds should be fresh, shade-tolerant, and free from contaminants. At Van Beek’s, we carry Speare brand products with many varieties of high-quality seed that meet the standards listed above.


Add colour to your outdoor landscaping with Van Beek’s large selection of mulch. Mulch is spread after your foundation of soil/triple mix is laid. Spreading mulch comes with many benefits, including reduced weed growth and improving underlying soil health.

Interlocking Stone Pavers

At Van Beek’s, our interlocking stone pavers are industry quality stones that can transform your lawn into a usable outdoor living space. With our versatile, durable, and easy to maintain materials, you can count on us to improve your outdoor space… so you can enjoy the outdoors more!

Upgrading your lawn is only limited by your imagination! Whether you’re looking to spruce up your lawn or improve your outdoor design, our simple tips can help update and modernize your yard. Contact us or call 1-866-778-5824 to speak with a lawn care expert today, we’re here to help you achieve the lawn and yard you’ve always wanted!

Topsoil Triplemix Soil and Mulch

Garden Tips 101: Topsoil, Triple Mix & Mulch

Spring has sprung, and that means it’s time to get our green thumbs ready for some gardening. Whether you’re a novice or experienced gardener, it’s important to know how to get the best out of your gardens, plants and flowers. Using the right materials for the job is a great way to start. With that in mind, here are some guidelines to better understand the difference between topsoil, triple mix and mulch.

Soil vs. Dirt

Let’s start with some basics. There is a monumental difference between dirt and soil. Dirt is a substance that consists of mud and dust. Not a very fertile material to use on your plants.  Soil, on the other hand, is made up of sand, clay, silt and organic material. This is what enables plants in your garden to grow. It’s a common myth that garden soil is a living compound, but this is simply untrue. Soil can offer nutrients and life to other things, but it alone is not living.

The ideal percentage of components in your soil breaks down like this:

  • Sand – 38%
  • Silt – 38%
  • Clay – 19%
  • Organic – 5%

What’s the Difference Between Topsoil, Triple Mix & Mulch?

Who hasn’t been in a garden store staring blankly at what you think would be best to put on your garden? With so many different products, it can be an intimidating choice. Here is a brief summary and description to better understand what your specific garden needs to flourish:


This is a great place to start when you’re levelling your landscaping, grading your property, filling holes, or preparing a base when laying down new sod. A good topsoil is made from a clay and sand mix that has been thoroughly screened so it doesn’t contain any clumps or added debris. This ensures you’ll have an aligned turf with a durable foundation.

Triple Mix Soil

Triple mix soil generally consists of 1/3 soil, 1/3 peat moss and 1/3 compost. This combination is widely known as meeting most planting needs. Due to the moss and compost, it is more airy than regular topsoil, which is excellent for your plants – as it holds more air and water.

Make sure to always read the ingredients on the side of the package to make sure the amounts will meet your plants’ needs.


Mulch is like the icing on a cake. After laying a strong foundation of soil and/or triple mix, you spread mulch on top of the soil and around your trees and plants.

Mulch has numerous benefits, such as:

  • Conserving and improving the health of the underlying soil.
  • Reducing weed growth.
  • Insulating roots.
  • Adding visual appeal.

Mulch comes in a variety of forms. Pebble/rock, straw, grass clippings and landscape fabric work well, but the most common mulch includes wood chips and shredded bark. It’s best to do some research beforehand, so you know what’s best suited for your garden and plants’ needs before deciding on an option.

Order Premium Soil at Van Beek’s

The team at Van Beek’s Garden Supplies are here to help you choose the right soil and mulch for your garden and landscaping. We can answer all your questions when it comes to garden products, design ideas, or landscaping advice. We’ve been helping homeowners and contractors with their gardening needs since 1962. Contact us today to place your order and have soil, mulch and landscaping supplies delivered right to your door!

Have YOU Downloaded Your FREE Copy of How to Identify & Avoid Poor Topsoil?

Good vs. bad topsoil

At first glance, most topsoil found in soil bags looks the same.

Unfortunately in many instances, it’s only until after you get your soil home that you realize it’s of poor quality and won’t be beneficial to your garden.

Even more frustrating is trying to return unsatisfactory topsoil. It can be a pain.

The best way to ensure that doesn’t happen to you is to know what makes superior topsoil before you purchase.

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That’s why you should download your FREE copy of How to Identify & Avoid Poor Topsoil, courtesy of Van Beek’s Garden Supplies.




What you’ll learn inside

Organized like an easy-to-follow checklist, How to Identify & Avoid Poor Topsoil lists five crucial elements which make up the best triple mix soil for your garden:

  1. Colour
  2. Levels of organic matter
  3. Scent
  4. Texture
  5. Debris proportion

The importance of each of these factors is carefully explained, along with tips and hints you should look for when choosing topsoil.

How to Identify & Avoid Poor Topsoil is the must-have, take-along resource you need each and every time you arrange for topsoil delivery right to your front door.

Take a sneak peek inside

Easy to read and stylishly designed, How to Identify & Avoid Poor Topsoil helps clear up any misconception that “topsoil is just dirt.”

Here’s a snippet of what you’ll find inside:

Topsoil eBook sneak peek

To see everything, all you have to do is download your FREE copy of How to Identify & Avoid Poor Topsoil right now.

Van Beek's Triple MixWhy high-quality topsoil is important

Premium triple mix soil is full of crucial vitamins, minerals and nutrients your plants, grass seed or flowers needs to grow.

If the soil product is lacking in any of these items, your garden won’t grow as strongly or as beautifully as it should.

And if the soil is really bad, your landscaping may not grow at all.

From calculating the right amount of soil you need to spreading it down properly, topsoil is perhaps the most essential element of your garden.

That’s why we put together How to Identify & Avoid Poor Topsoil; to ensure you get the best topsoil for your home right off the bat.

Get your FREE copy nowHow to get your FREE copy of How to Identify & Avoid Poor Topsoil

We’re not going to make you jump through hoops to get your FREE copy of this guide.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

We’ve made it incredibly easy for you to receive How to Identify & Avoid Poor Topsoil:

  1. Visit our special download page
  2. Fill in the form (you can do it in less than 10 seconds)
  3. Hit the “DOWNLOAD GUIDE NOW” button on the page
  4. Check your email for your FREE copy

That’s all there is to it.

Why choose Van Beek’s famous triple mix soil

Now that June is here, it’s the perfect time to spread fresh topsoil all over your gardens and tree beds (if you haven’t already).

And for over 50 years, our premium triple mix soil blend has beautified homes all over Oakville and Mississauga with: 

  • Naturally sterilized, weed-free composition
  • Organic testing for fertility and moisture content
  • Nutritional balance
  • Proper structure to promote root growth

Rich, dark and strong, our triple mix soil bags are the perfect starting point for this summer’s outdoor projects.

Need topsoil? We’ve got you (and your landscaping) covered

Downloaded your FREE topsoil guide?

Calculated how much you need for your garden?

You next step is to arrange soil delivery from Van Beek’s.

To start, you can:

Order your topsoil

What’s Happening To Your Topsoil Right Now?

Cold Temp

It’s bitterly cold out right now.

Thankfully, you’re indoors. All warm and cozy.

And before winter truly hit in December, you took the time to prepare your backyard for winter by wrapping trees in burlap sacks and bringing fragile plants indoors.

Unfortunately, though, your triple mix topsoil from Van Beek’s Garden Supplies needs to stay outdoors all winter long.

So what’s happening to it? And how will you take care of it once spring arrives?

Read on to find out.

Thermometer in soilExtremely cold temperatures lead to soil erosion

Soil erosion is a common soil term we use at both our Oakville and Mississauga locations.

Erosion takes place when topsoil breaks down due to ice, snow and other chilly conditions.

As a result:

  • Black garden soil loses vital minerals it needs to keep healthy during the winter
  • Air flow through the soil to plants and roots becomes restricted
  • Organisms living in the soil aren’t as effective in producing beneficial nutrients

The main job of topsoil is to protect everything underneath it – such as roots systems, microbes and other subterranean animals – from freezing.

Additionally, a thick layer of topsoil retains heat, which is absolutely essential as winter progresses.

But the soil itself becomes weaker and more ineffective during the season.

And that leads to soil erosion.

Download FREE ebook

Download your FREE copy of How to Identify & Avoid Poor Topsoil


Looking for fresh topsoil?

Download your FREE checklist to help you identify and avoid poor-quality topsoil before it’s too late.


The “frost layer”

There are pockets of water throughout your topsoil products.

When the water that’s closest to the surface freezes, that’s called the “frost layer.”

(However, it’s worth noting that the “frost layer” can actually go several feet deep.)

While those pockets of water solidify into ice, the microorganisms living inside them have to leave. Otherwise, they’ll freeze too.

So those frozen pockets don’t get the same level of attention as thawed or dried areas of your topsoil do (because they’re inaccessible).

When spring finally hits and those frozen pockets eventually melt, they may be rotted or decayed.

A small frozen pocket here and there may not seem like a big deal.

But several hundred pockets inside the “frost layer” will compromise the strength and integrity of your topsoil; leaving it unequipped to handle spring and summer plant, flower or sod growth.

Freeze thaw cycleFreeze/thaw cycles

If you remember, winter 2015/2016:

  • Started out mild
  • Got a little chilly (but not too cold)
  • Warmed up
  • Got really cold
  • Stayed that way until spring

So far, this winter hasn’t followed the same pattern.

But there have been small instances where the ground has frozen, only to thaw and freeze back again.

As the composition of triple mix soil freezes and thaws, it breaks down and exposes the roots of plants around it.

And while the soil may be okay, the roots won’t be.

They’ll quickly become damaged and in some extreme cases, the thawing soil can actually uproot them from the ground.

top-soilTips on preparing your topsoil for spring

Although spring feels like light years away (the first day of spring is Monday, March 20), it’s never too early to think about getting your soil ready for when it arrives.

Some things you can do (when the time comes) include:

  • Clear your triple mix soil of any debris or junk (like leaves or branches) that’s on top of it
  • Aerate the soil as soon as possible
  • Boost it with some organically natural soil fertilizer

Most importantly, though, you’ll want to spread a fresh layer of topsoil onto your garden, plant or tree beds as soon as possible.

That way, your yard gets a nice, fresh replenishment of the important vitamins, minerals and nutrients it lost over the winter.

Contact us for all your topsoil needs

Right now, in the dead of winter, you’re probably not thinking about working on your topsoil.

But spring will be here before you know it.

Why not get an early start?

Contact us to request a FREE topsoil quote or to arrange bagged topsoil delivery to wherever you live in Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Burlington or any of the surrounding areas.

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Topsoil Jobs You Should Do This Long Weekend

Long weekend

First, we’d like to wish you a safe and wonderful holiday weekend.

The Victoria Day long weekend is the perfect time to start working on your garden (if you haven’t already).

But before you start planting, weeding or watering, you first need to take care of some triple mix soil jobs.

Fresh, nutrient-rich topsoil is an important (maybe the MOST important) aspect of a healthy garden. Without it, your plants won’t be as strong or beautiful as they could be.

So make sure you handle these topsoil jobs first.

topdressingTop dress your garden

Over the winter and early part of spring, the soil in your garden has been exposed to all sorts of temperature changes and weather elements.

As a result, it probably looks rough, dull and rocky.

Give your garden a fresh look (and your plants a fresh source of food, too) by top dressing it with a thin layer of topsoil.

The objective here is to smooth out and level the soil surface, so you don’t need to use a thick or excessive amount.

Other reasons why top dressing is a good idea this Victoria Day weekend:

  • Fresh soil bags will combat the appearance of thatch (stems and roots which pile up on the soil surface)
  • Give the roots a better place to take hold and grow strong

In order to top dress your garden properly, you need to use the best soil mixture possible, which leads us to…

Download FREE ebookDownload our FREE topsoil guide

There’s a clear difference between topsoil and dirt that isn’t evidently obvious.

By downloading our FREE guide, How to Identify & Avoid Poor Topsoil, you’ll know what to look for (and what to steer clear of) before you spend your money.

Here’s a sneak peek of tip #3 from this FREE checklist:

Topsoil sneak peek

Before you head on down to Van Beek’s Garden Supplies make sure you download, print and bring this handy checklist with you.

Establish a good place to store your topsoil

After your topsoil delivery has arrived, if you find you have more than you need, you’ll want to store it for future use.

Leaving out in the open isn’t a wise option. Either the hot sun will dry it out or rain and wind will wash and blow it away, respectively.

Instead, prepare a designated area for your topsoil that’s:

  • Clean and free of contaminants (like dust or weeds)
  • Completely dry
  • On high, level ground
  • Preferably indoors

If you can’t stockpile your excessive topsoil inside, purchase a large tarpaulin (or other similar product) to adequately cover and protect your soil delivery.

Soil calculatorUse a FREE soil calculator to determine how much you need

A smart way to get an accurate estimate as to how much topsoil you require is to use a FREE soil calculator.

You don’t need to be a math major either.

Just grab a measuring tape, measure the length and width of your garden (and estimate how thick the layer will be).

Enter in the numbers and you’ll get a good idea of how much you need.

And when you know how much you need, you can then…

Soil bagArrange for soil delivery

Yes, even for the Victoria Day long weekend, you can stock up on the topsoil you need for your long weekend gardening projects.

At Van Beek’s Garden Supplies, there’s two ways to have soil delivered to you.

Choose from:

  • Soil bags: Easy and convenient, soil bags keep your topsoil neatly stored in an easy-to-access container
  • Bulk soil delivery: Here, the soil is dumped on your driveway. A preferred choice if you want to shovel from the ground instead of in a tall bag.

Let us take care of your topsoil needs this Victoria Day long weekend

Contact us with all your topsoil requirements:

  • What type you need
  • How much you need
  • How you’d like it delivered

And we’ll make sure to bring it to you in time for the long weekend.

Contact Us

How to Achieve 90% of Germination on Your Grass Seed

A majority of the grass seed products we carry at Van Beek’s Garden Supplies carries a germination rating of 90-95%.

Now, that’s the percentage of seeds which germinated in laboratory tests.

Veteran gardeners know that, once that grass seed hits their lawns, the number is much lower.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Understanding the germination process and then taking steps to increase it is a sure fire way to get more germination from more grass seed.

What is seed germination?

Grass seed germination is the growth process that takes place when the seed gets enough water to start sprouting blades of grass.

There are a few factors which impact the germination process:

  • Soil temperature: Spring grass seed usually thrives in soil that’s about 12 degrees C
  • Hull thickness: The outer shell of the seed will delay germination until its ready
  • Moisture: Too much or too little moisture can damage the seed
  • Oxygen: Waterlogged soil prevents oxygen from reaching the sprout after it breaks the seed
  • Light: Seeds buried too deep won’t reach the surface and begin the photosynthesis process

And while some of those factors may seem out of your control, there are things you can do to improve your germination success.

pH meterTest your soil’s pH levels

Why are pH levels so important?

Because if the levels in your topsoil aren’t right, the nutrients your grass seed needs to grow can’t be dissolved in water.

And since grasses (and other plants) drink their food instead of eating it, they can’t get the nutrients unless they’re dissolved first.

pH levels range from 1-14:

  • 0-6: The soil is too acidic, which means it’s low in nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium
  • 7: The soil is neutral
  • 8-14: The soil is alkaline, which means it’s lacking in iron, manganese and phosphorous

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Download your FREE guide on identifying poor topsoil BEFORE you buy




Cover the grass seed

Covering the seeds will lock in moisture, which is vital to their growth.

There are many options available to cover them with:

  • Straw: It’s affordable and you won’t need to use much of it. Just make sure your straw bale doesn’t have any seeds in it, otherwise you’ll end up with weeds in your lawn.
  • Compost: Compost is green and inexpensive (if you compost at home). All you’ll need is about ¼” layer of compost.
  • Mulch: Effective (especially when combined with fertilizer), mulch can help improve germination rates by spreading it over the seeded area.

Keep off grassKeep off the grass!

Any seed that’s uncovered will either be eaten by birds or trampled by feet.

So until the grass has fully germinated, do whatever it takes to keep your lawn free from activity (from kids or pets) and birds.



Contact us for all your grass seed needs

Van Beek’s is your headquarters for all things grass seed.

Whether its products, tools or just advice, we’ve been helping Oakville, Mississauga, Milton and Burlington homeowners grow beautiful lawns since 1962.

And we can do the same for you.

Request a FREE quote on any of our grass seed products or submit a question about grass seed.

We’ll promptly get back to you.

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Yes You Can! Spread One Last Layer of Topsoil in 2015

Yes you canOctober is here.

And with it come shorter days, falling leaves and cooler temperatures.

If you had topsoil delivery way back in the spring, your garden may be looking old and worn out.

The autumn weather conditions won’t help improve its appearance either.

At this time of year, we usually hear two questions when it comes to putting down another layer of triple mix soil.

  1. Should I put down one last layer before the frost and winter arrive?
  2. Is it too late to spread down topsoil and should I just wait until next year to do it?

Our next installment in our “Yes You Can!” series tells you that yes, you can (and should) spread one last layer of topsoil this year.

Here’s why:

Cold temperaturesIt’ll be too cold to do it later

Would you rather spread topsoil when:

  • The temperatures are consistently above freezing
  • There’s still adequate daylight to work in
  • The ground is still soft enough – and not covered in frost – spread the soil

Or would you rather spread topsoil when:


  • It’s really cold out
  • It gets dark at 4pm
  • The ground is frozen or covered in frost

Before you know it, winter will be here soon.

By then, it’ll too late to put down that last layer of topsoil from a soil bag.

Fresh soil keeps your garden healthy during the winter

Fresh, triple mix soil from Van Beek’s Garden Supplies is full of great minerals and nutrients your garden needs to grow and thrive.

Over time, though, they get depleted from the topsoil.

And when that happens, your garden goes hungry.

By adding a fresh layer of topsoil now, you’ll ensure your garden has the vitamins, minerals and organic matter it needs to survive the harsh winter.


  • Your garden doesn’t simply die in the winter….
  • …Instead, it goes into a dormant, slow growing state…
  • …But it still needs food to survive and come back strong next spring…

There’s no better way to get that food than with new topsoil.

And there’s no better time to spread it than right now.

It helps your lawn recover from the summer

It’s been a long, hot summer.

The cooler weather and shorter days will do wonders for helping with root restoration and growth.

By placing fresh topsoil on your grass now (and fresh grass seed too), you’ll help it by:

  • Repairing thin or bare spots in your lawn
  • Helping the grass seed get a strong start
  • Giving the grass itself extra energy to store during the winter

Just like certain gardens, lawns and grass do not just die in the winter (and come back in the spring).

Instead, their growth slows down dramatically. But they still need food to keep them going during the cold months.

Spring gardeningIt makes it easier to garden in the spring

Spreading fresh soil now will save you time in the spring with:

  • Less tilling of soil in preparation for planting
  • Shorter time spent rejuvenating your garden or lawn
  • No weeds or crab grass to pull out (since you’ve done it before the winter)

We’re your source for all things topsoil

All spring and summer, we’ve been providing gardeners all over Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Mississauga with all their topsoil needs.

And we can do the same in the fall by providing you with:

Just contact us today and let us know what you need and where you need it.

Rich Dark Soil Delivered to Your Doorstep

Can My Topsoil Get Too Hot?

hot sunny day

It’s the summer. It’s hot.

You’re sweating (so you take a drink of water).

Your grass is baking (so you water it).

Your plants are frying (so you water them).

And your triple mix soil that you’ve mixed up in your garden is…

That’s the question: as the sun beats down, is it possible that your topsoil becomes too hot, thus compromising its ability to help nurture and grow your plants?

The short answer is, yes, it is possible for your topsoil to overheat and dry out. When that happens, the vital nutrients and minerals contained within it become weakened and less effective.

Now that we’ve established that your black garden soil can become too hot, the next question is how can you tell?

Well, like this:

Look at the colour

When it comes to your soil, black is beautiful.

So you want your topsoil to be a rich, dark black colour.

If it looks lighter than normal, then chances are it’s starting to dry out and lose its effectiveness. You should apply water (or mulch) quickly to revitalize it.

digging soilDig down

Dig down to a depth of about three feet.

Now, how does it look compared to the very top layer of topsoil?

Namely, this is what you should be looking for once you’ve dug down into your topsoil:

  • Does it look the same colour (remember, you want it to be dark black)
  • Has the soil clumped together (making it harder for roots to grow)
  • Is it workable (or do you need to break it apart)

If your topsoil is too hot, then it becomes much more difficult to handle. And if you can’t really work through it, then your plants certainly can’t.

Investigate its structure

Good soil structure (that isn’t burned out) has:

  • Reasonable aggregation of bound-together soil particles (some soil should stick together, but not be completely clumpy)
  • Spaces/holes which enable roots of different sizes to grow through and make enough space for air and water

Triple mix soil that’s too hot closes up. It almost seals itself, actually. As a result, the root system of the plants becomes caught or contained within it.

handful of soilThe texture 

Checking the texture of your topsoil is something you can do yourself at any time. Here’s how:

  • Grab a handful of soil
  • Get it wet, then squeeze it

If it doesn’t take any kind of shape – or can’t be easily manipulated – then it’s too dry (even with the added water).

soil thermometerIdeal soil temperature

A general rule of thumb to follow for ideal soil temperature is about 26˚C to 30˚C.

You can purchase a soil thermometer which can monitor soil temperature for you.

Conversely – on the other end – soil temperatures hovering around 15˚C can severely restrict growth too.

We’ve got your soil

If you’re finding that your topsoil isn’t performing as it should (because it’s too hot and has dried out), then it may be time to replace it with new, fresh soil bags.

Van Beek’s has been producing and delivering topsoil to gardeners throughout Oakville and Mississauga for years.

And we can do the same for you. All it takes is for you to reach out to us with all your topsoil needs.

Rich Dark Soil Delivered to Your Doorstep

Mix It Up in the Garden on Victoria Day

Victoria Day is celebrated in honour of Queen Victoria’s birthday (which was May 24, 1819, by the way).

This year, Victoria Day falls on Monday, May 18. A long weekend in the heart of spring, Victoria Day is a great time to enjoy the outdoors; whether you’re firing up the BBQ, going to a fireworks display or working in the garden.

Victoria Day is an ideal time to mix it up and focus on your garden’s soil needs. After all, as we explained in our Earth Day blog, soil is a vital and amazing component of your garden which requires ongoing care.
So, if you can’t wait to play in the garden during the day (and then enjoy the fireworks at night), here are some Victoria Day soil tips you can apply over the long weekend.

Top dress your garden with quality triple mix soil

If the soil in your garden (or your lawn) is looking a little dull and bumpy then it may be time to High quality soil is full of nutrients to help your plants thrivetop dress it.

Top dressing involves applying a thin layer of triple mix soil to smooth out and level the surface, and to improve the current condition of the soil.

More reasons you should top dress this Victoria Day are:

• Control the appearance of thatch
• Protect from extreme temperatures (especially with the hot summer coming)
• Strengthen the soil around the roots

Remember: When you top dress your lawn or garden, use the best soil mixture available on the market – courtesy of Van Beek’s Garden Supplies.

Have topsoil delivered to you

For many people, the Victoria Day long weekend is the perfect opportunity to stock up on
topsoil. That way, whenever they want to apply topsoil to their garden during the year, they can.

If you don’t want to fight the crowds at your local landscape supplier (or transport topsoil in your car), then don’t. You can arrange to have a topsoil delivery service bring it right to you.

Usually, soil delivery is available in two options for you to choose from:

1. Soil bags: Having soil bags brought right to you is a convenient way to have the soil you need for the season neatly stored in an easy-to-access container. Plus, you can cover up the bag whenever you wish.

2. Bulk soil delivery: Many homeowners and gardeners choose bulk soil delivery where the soil is dumped on your driveway because they find it easier to shovel from the ground than from a bag.

Lay down new sod

If you’re going to be working with new soil this Victoria Day weekend, then you may also wish to
lay down new sod on your lawn too.

Lay down sod on Victoria Day

Victoria Day is the perfect time to lay down new sod. It shouldn’t be too hot or rainy on the long weekend.

When you select your sod, there are a few things you should first consider:

• Traffic: How many people will be walking on the sodden area
• Sunlight: Is your lawn in direct sun, or in partial or total shade
• Soil: Is the soil strong enough to support new sod on top of it

And if you aren’t sure how much sod you need on Victoria Day, just follow this simple calculation:

• Length of area to be covered X width = Square Measurement

Let us help you in the garden this Victoria Day

If you’re looking to mix it up in the garden during the Victoria Day weekend, we’d be happy to help with all your soil and soil delivery needs.

Contact us and tell us about the soil you’re looking for, how much you need and how you want it delivered. And we’ll make sure you get exactly what you need in time for the long weekend.

What’s in Van Beek’s Triple Mix?

What’s in Van Beek’s Triple Mix?

Van Beek's Triple  Mix

Triple mix is always a combination of some sort of top soil, compost and peat moss. You’ll hear the term triple mix often because it’s the best concoction to promote healthy growth of all your landscape plants. Most garden supply companies create their own unique mixes using biomass (or source materials) they know will help plants thrive in the local ecosystem. Van Beek’s is no different. We think our triple mix is the most efficient and effective of any garden supplier in the Greater Toronto Area.

1 Part Sandy Soil

The first ingredient is a sandy soil. Including a loose sandy element in the soil is significantly better for drainage and will break down much faster than a clay based soil. Clay is prone to natural compaction and can actually hinder the long term flow of air, water and nutrients throughout the soil.

1 Part Compost

The largest component of our triple mix is a compost mixture. Our compost is comprised of five elements.

  • Horse manure
  • Sheep manure
  • Peat moss
  • Leaf compost
  • Mushroom compost

Van Beek's Triple  Mix

This section of the mix is where all the nutrients are found, and it’s what makes our triple mix perfect for anything that grows. The sandy soil that makes up the foundation of our triple mix allows the nutrients from the compost mixture to penetrate throughout the entire body of soil. Our compost component is mixed and turned repeatedly over the course of at least a full year before it is introduced into the Triple Mix Premium Top Soil. Because it is so thoroughly developed, it can leech from the sandy soil of the triple mix into the existing soil of your yard or garden easily.

1 Part Black Loam

The third component is black loam and it is strictly used for colour. Black loam is naturally more acidic than most soil and is some of the darkest soil around. The black loam makes up the smallest percentage of the Triple Mix Premium Top Soil, less than 10%. Black loam on its own has very little if any nutrients, but it keeps the triple mix a nice rich dark colour making colourful plants and flowers appear more beautiful and vibrant.

We’ll deliver your load of triple mix directly to your door whenever you want.  Contact us today to discuss how much you’ll need to give your property the face-lift you envision.

Waltham Place Farm photo credit to Vidya Crawley under cc 2.0
Manure Sign photo credit to Jeffrey Keeton under cc 2.0