Yes You Can! (And Should) Get Your Yard Ready For Winter (Infographic)

It’s not too early to begin prepping your yard for the harsh winter that’s just around the corner. Spending an afternoon now working on your property will pay dividends in spring because it’ll be so much easier for your topsoil and garden to come back to life. The latest installment in our “Yes You Can!” …

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How to Winterize your Garden Pond in 5 Simple Steps

As winter weather begins its annual migration to our region, it’s important to prepare your home and landscape for cold and freezing. At the very least, all mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems need inspection. This includes water features and garden ponds. While a backyard garden fish pond is an enjoyable addition to your landscape that …

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5 Ways You Can Avoid Green Pond Water

Why Is My Pond Water Green? 5 Ways You Can Avoid Green Pond Water A small amount of weekly maintenance is usually all that is needed to keep your garden fish pond clear and clean. Every now and then, it is possible that pond conditions will go bad for no obvious reason. One of the …

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