Five Ways to Use Natural Stone for Landscaping

natural stone patio

Natural stone is a beautiful addition to the landscape around your home. Sturdy and rugged, natural stone adds an exquisite, polished look to any backyard when correctly incorporated, and a natural stone patio can be the perfect accent to your overall aesthetic.

There are multiple ways that landscaping stones can be infused throughout the design of a yard that also have practical purposes. They can not only enhance outdoor patio spaces, but also create a walkway, steps, retaining walls, and other elements such as fireplaces. Although entirely natural, this type of stone comes in a variety of different colors to help complement and personalize your space.

Let’s take a closer look at the five key ways to use natural stone to diversify and add to your landscape.

5 Ways to Use Natural Stone for Landscaping

1. Patios

Fashion the backyard of your dreams using natural stone to create a beautiful patio space.  Natural stone is one of the best stones for patios due to its diversity and durability. With these stunning materials, you can craft a beautiful patio space for barbecuing or an outdoor sitting area customized to your yard specifications.

Create a patio with slabs of rock arranged in multiple designs using:

Be sure to check out our gallery for more patio designs!

2. Walkways

natural stone pathway

Stone walkways can also be implemented to create clear paths along your yard that are useful through all weather conditions. Because of its durability, natural stone makes the perfect guiding walkway into a backyard or out to a pool or pond. The stones can be placed closer together for a contemporary, manicured look, or spaced further apart to allow more natural elements like grass to fill in the gaps and give it a more rustic appeal.

3. Steps

Slabs of natural stone can make an excellent set of steps for your backyard. Instead of dealing with an uneven slant, adding steps to your walkway not only improves the aesthetics of your backyard but adds functionality with multiple flat level steps. Landscaping stones also have a natural grip to them which helps to prevent nasty falls that could occur on a more slippery surface.

4. Garden Retaining Walls

Using stone to build retaining walls around your gardens helps to create a more uniform look and brings your landscaping elements together. It also creates an even appearance while keeping the soil and mulch from washing out of the garden.

Both practical and visually appealing, stone retaining walls around your garden are a great way to improve your garden space. Natural Stone retaining walls are easy to construct and are very sturdy, which means they’ll retain their aesthetic for a long time.

5. Fireplaces

Create a beautiful area on your lawn or patio to enjoy a crackling fire with friends and family with a natural stone fireplace.  The stones can be customized in a wide variety of patterns and colours and with proper installation will need very little maintenance over the years. A natural stone fireplace can also increase your home’s value, but in the meantime, it provides the perfect opportunity to spend more time outside even on crisp autumn evenings.

Using natural stone to create a network of steps, paths and patio spaces ties together a yard beautifully. It is strong, natural looking and showcases how you can utilize your space in a practical, yet appealing way. Contact the design experts at Van Beek’s Landscape Supply for more ideas and help incorporating natural stone into your landscaping.