Gathering Garden Supplies in the Winter for a Great Spring in Mississauga

Getting your garden supplies ready during the winter in Mississauga is a great way to be ready to flex that green thumb as soon as winter thaws to spring. Who wants to be racing around at the last minute when the sun is already shining out its warm spring face? Here is what you can do to be ready to greet the sun.

gardening tools

Basic supplies you will need include the tools of the trade – shovels, hoes, rakes, gardening gloves, watering hoses and cans, and sprinkler systems. If you don’t have all of this ready you could be midway through your planting next year and have to stop for a trip to your local garden supply store. A great way to get some free labour/help/build your children’s interest is to have some child sized tools ready for them to help right alongside you. Purchase some of the tools already mentioned in a child sized form and have them ready to help out too!

The next set of supplies you’ll need are the actual things you will grow and the soil you will grow them in. Seeds are something you will obviously need. Everything from vegetable, to flowers, to fruits of all kinds are available to grow and serve in your home come harvesting time. To grow these their best you will need to look at the quality of your soil. All soil needs to be replenished at least once a year with quality black soil or some other kind of soil additive. Plants take nutrients from the soil with their root system and those nutrients need to be replaced.

Getting garden supplies in Mississauga during the winter is a great way to beat winter ‘blahs.’ Stop by Van Beeks to be ready for spring!