Get Your Lawn Ready For The Fall

pile of leaves and rake
It is sad to accept the reality that summer is coming to an end when we see the leaves change and the temperature starting to drop. While there are months of cozy sweaters and warm drinks to look forward to, there’s one thing you shouldn’t forget: taking care of your fall lawn maintenance. There is a lot to do to get your yard ready for fall, but by following this guide and using our recommended products, you’ll be able to tackle everything on your fall “to do” list.

Don’t Stop Mowing

Just because summer has come to an end doesn’t mean you should stop mowing your lawn. It’s beneficial to continue mowing your lawn as long as possible into the fall months. Autumn is known for seasonal warm weather, when you feel the mowing season is coming to an end, drop your mower blade to the lowest setting for the final cuts. Keeping your grass short maintains optimal conditions for your lawn, so drop the blade gradually over the course of the fall season.

Aerating is Important

The ideal time of the year to aerate your lawn is during the fall. Aerating the grass allows oxygen, water and fertilizer to successfully reach the grass’ roots. Consider renting a powered aeration machine or hiring a professional to do this job for you if you have a very large yard.

Rake Throughout the Season

A key task to complete before winter is raking your leaves. This can be a particularly fun (but also tricky) task if you have kids who enjoy playing in a pile of leaves! Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t wait until all of the leaves have fallen before you start raking. While this means that you may have to rake the lawn more than one time, it’s better for the overall health of your grass. Letting wet leaves sit on the grass for an extended period of time will damage your sod and produce an environment of fungal diseases and pests.

Remember to Fertilize

The best time to fertilize your lawn is right before frost appears. Applying fertilizer in the fall helps your grass grow deeper roots, which is critical to ensuring your grass has the essential nutrients it needs to thrive – even in cooler temperatures. In order to fill bare spots, use a high-quality grass seed to help initiate new growth.

Set The Stage for Spring with Seeding

If your lawn was damaged from high heat or lack of irrigation during the summer a bit of lawn maintenance in the fall can provide you with full, healthy grass next spring. Don’t forget – before you start to remove all pesky weeds that may disrupt your lawn.

Contact the team at Van Beek’s for all of your fall lawn maintenance needs and products this season. With decades of experience, we’re well equipped to answer all your landscaping questions!