Great Canadian Flowers for Your Garden

The spring gardening season is here. It’s time to spruce up your landscaping with colourful plants, flowers and more.

And because 2017 also happens to be Canada’s 150th birthday, here are some terrific Canadian flowers you can add to your triple mix soil this year.

Beautiful white trillium flower


The official flower of the province of Ontario (where Van Beek’s Garden Supplies is proudly located), the trillium is easily identified by its three common elements:

  • Three leaves.
  • Three sepals.
  • Three petals.

(Perhaps that’s why the trillium is also known as the “trinity flower.”

Trilliums come in a variety of colours. Of course, in Ontario, we’re accustomed to seeing the white trillium (but they do come in pink, red and purple too).

Relatively easy to grow, it isn’t uncommon for a trillium plant to live for up to 25 years.

How Van Beek’s can help with your Trilliums

Trilliums love and thrive in nutrient-rich soil. Our patented triple mix soil formula has balanced pH levels and allows for proper drainage; an absolute necessary when planting trillium bulbs.

Purple petunia
Vibrant purple petunia


An annual plant (meaning their entire life cycle – from seed to flower – lasts just one season), petunias are colourful and delicate.

They can also be quite tall, too.

In the right environment, surrounded by rich topsoil for sale and mulch, petunias can grow up to 15” in height.

Here are some other petunia planting tips:

  • They like full sun. Try not to plant your petunias in shady areas.
  • Loose soil is best. Rich soil that drains well is ideal to help them grow and thrive.

Lastly, you may want to add some fertilizer products when first planting them. Afterwards, you can continue to use fertilizers once a month.

How Van Beek’s can help with your Petunias

Organic mulch from Van Beek’s helps prevent weed growth. Weeds can take nourishment and water away from petunias. Wood chips are especially effective at reducing evaporation.

Sunflower wearing glasses
A tall, rich and golden sunflower.


Nothing says spring (or summer, for that matter), like sunflowers.

Before you start planting them, though, you’ll want to check the temperature outside.

Sunflowers grow best at a minimum temperature of 18⁰C, so you may want to wait for it to heat up before planting your sunflower seeds.

Of course, you can also start planting sunflowers indoors and then transport them to your garden.

But keep in mind that sunflowers are sensitive. So make certain the temperature is warm enough for them to survive before you move them outdoors.

How Van Beek’s can help with your Sunflowers

Since sunflowers like heavy mulch, bagged mulch delivery will provide more than enough material. In hot weather, soil can dry out quickly. A thick layer of mulch keeps soil moist (and looks good too).

Lovely pink azaleas.


Found in gardens throughout Oakville, Mississauga and throughout Canada, azaleas are popular for a variety of reasons:

  • Unique, glossy leafage which appears to have a shine to it.
  • Large clusters of funnel-shaped blooms.

Perfect if you’ll have potted plants in your outdoor landscaping, azaleas are relatively easy to plant (with around a 6 week blooming period):

  • They only need to be fed plant food once a month.
  • The soil must be kept moist throughout growth and bloom season.
  • Rich, black garden soil will provide all the nutrients they need.

When azaleas finally bloom, they can do so in shades of red, pink, white and more.

How Van Beek’s can help with your Azaleas

Ideally, azaleas grow in acidic soil. Adding cedar bark mulch to your black garden soil will help create that acidic environment; especially if you’ll be planting them near your home’s foundation. Concrete stones can leach lime and neutralize acidic soil.

A beautiful bouquet of chrysanthemums.


Chrysanthemums (or simply, mums) are simply good looking flowers that’ll definitely get noticed once they’re in your garden.

In fact, sometimes they’re known as “the showstoppers.”

Spring is the perfect time for planting mums because the conditions are perfect:

  • Sunlight: In spring, the sun is up early. Mums love getting 5-6 hours of sun each day.
  • Soil: Fertile soil that’s well-drained, sandy or loamy. You want a pH level around 6.5.
  • Fertilizer: Mums are tough, so they don’t need much more than a light feeding every so often.

Planting chrysanthemums right now also delivers two more benefits.

Firstly, the earlier you plant them, the better chance they have of surviving the upcoming winter.

Secondly, in fall, when other plants have died, mums will still be going strong, showing off their bright colours.

How Van Beek’s can help with your Chrysanthemums

Mums will grow beautiful and strong in triple mix soil from Van Beek’s. Soil that drains well and has sandy elements to it will provide chrysanthemums will many of the nutrients they need to thrive.

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