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Good vs. bad topsoil

At first glance, most topsoil found in soil bags looks the same.

Unfortunately in many instances, it’s only until after you get your soil home that you realize it’s of poor quality and won’t be beneficial to your garden.

Even more frustrating is trying to return unsatisfactory topsoil. It can be a pain.

The best way to ensure that doesn’t happen to you is to know what makes superior topsoil before you purchase.

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What you’ll learn inside

Organized like an easy-to-follow checklist, How to Identify & Avoid Poor Topsoil lists five crucial elements which make up the best triple mix soil for your garden:

  1. Colour
  2. Levels of organic matter
  3. Scent
  4. Texture
  5. Debris proportion

The importance of each of these factors is carefully explained, along with tips and hints you should look for when choosing topsoil.

How to Identify & Avoid Poor Topsoil is the must-have, take-along resource you need each and every time you arrange for topsoil delivery right to your front door.

Take a sneak peek inside

Easy to read and stylishly designed, How to Identify & Avoid Poor Topsoil helps clear up any misconception that “topsoil is just dirt.”

Here’s a snippet of what you’ll find inside:

Topsoil eBook sneak peek

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Van Beek's Triple MixWhy high-quality topsoil is important

Premium triple mix soil is full of crucial vitamins, minerals and nutrients your plants, grass seed or flowers needs to grow.

If the soil product is lacking in any of these items, your garden won’t grow as strongly or as beautifully as it should.

And if the soil is really bad, your landscaping may not grow at all.

From calculating the right amount of soil you need to spreading it down properly, topsoil is perhaps the most essential element of your garden.

That’s why we put together How to Identify & Avoid Poor Topsoil; to ensure you get the best topsoil for your home right off the bat.

Get your FREE copy nowHow to get your FREE copy of How to Identify & Avoid Poor Topsoil

We’re not going to make you jump through hoops to get your FREE copy of this guide.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

We’ve made it incredibly easy for you to receive How to Identify & Avoid Poor Topsoil:

  1. Visit our special download page
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That’s all there is to it.

Why choose Van Beek’s famous triple mix soil

Now that June is here, it’s the perfect time to spread fresh topsoil all over your gardens and tree beds (if you haven’t already).

And for over 50 years, our premium triple mix soil blend has beautified homes all over Oakville and Mississauga with: 

  • Naturally sterilized, weed-free composition
  • Organic testing for fertility and moisture content
  • Nutritional balance
  • Proper structure to promote root growth

Rich, dark and strong, our triple mix soil bags are the perfect starting point for this summer’s outdoor projects.

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