How Our Bin Services Process is An Eco-Friendly Way to Give Back

Yard waste

Is your summer yard looking a little messy? There are always a few leftover piles of debris from your list of gardening tasks that get pushed off to the side rather than put into bags. Whether you have a small task or a larger project, removing old stone, digging out a garden bed, or disposing of old grass can be a hassle to clean up after.

So, what do you do with the dirt you unearth when you’re putting in a new garden feature? What about the concrete, stone or aggregates that you no longer need? You can rely on Van Beek’s Landscape Supply’s bin services. We’ll pick up your landscaping debris and take it all away so you don’t have to worry about it.

The most frequent question we receive about our bin services is, “Where does the soil or concrete end up?” You’ll be happy to hear that we are dedicated to responsible re-use or disposal of your yard waste. In fact, your soil may be treated and incorporated into our own soil mix after a few years, which is a wonderful way to give back to Mother Nature.

Find out more about what we do with your yard waste in our bin services process below.

Concrete, Stone and Aggregates

Removal of concrete

Cracked concrete, old stones and other aggregates are hard to remove from your property. They’re heavy and may incur a lot of charges from other removal companies. Not us. Our concrete and stone removal services are simple and reasonably priced, because we have good use for your concrete.

After we’ve collected your stone and aggregate, we recycle it into a re-usable product. This useful material can be used in home foundations, roadways, drainage systems, and much more. In this way, you’re helping to give back to your city’s buildings and infrastructure, which is definitely something to feel good about.

Sod, Soil and Dirt

Have you dug up your yard to put down a new deck? Or have you dug up soil to put in new fence posts? If so, we’ll pick up the soil and sod in our bin service.

After we do, we bring your dirt to our own soil piles. There, your dirt is mixed with additional nutrients and other soils. The dirt then has to rest for one to two years before it can be used as our own fill soil.

Though it’s a long process, your dirt ends up being sustainably re-used in other gardens and landscaping projects in the area by other contractors and homeowners alike. Think about all of the compost you’re helping to create for a healthier, greener neighborhood and planet!

Try Our Bin Service

Ready for us to take the mess off your hands? We’re happy to help and simply ask that you keep your soil separate from your stone and other aggregates so that we can recycle them correctly. We hope you’ll feel good about knowing that your soil and concrete will be responsibly re-purposed and benefit so many other purposes for a more sustainable world.

Have more questions? Contact us today for more information. The team at Van Beek’s Landscape Supply is always ready to help.