How to Do Landscaping Without a Professional

There is something attractive and satisfying about a properly landscaped yard. It has an air of beauty, care, and interest that it is hard not to appreciate. Perfectly manicured grass, bushes cut into perfect round shapes, and beautiful flowers cascading from flowerbeds are an elegant mix of form and function. 

However, most homeowners do not know how to landscape their yards properly and prefer to call in professionals. For some, this may not be a matter of money as much as it is time and knowledge. They simply do not have the time or knowledge to do it themselves and must turn to professionals. 

Luckily, there are several tips you can take to do the landscaping yourself without needing to call in a pro. In this guide, professionals at Van Beek’s Landscape Supply have provided several tips to help you tackle your landscaping projects. 

5 DIY Home Landscaping Tips  

Well-kept lawns, yards, and home gardens reflect their owners’ tastes, style, and eye for detail. While it may take some time to perfect your home garden, you can get started on several simple projects at home without hiring a professional for help, all while saving money. 

  • Plan Your Landscaping Design 

Before you can begin landscaping, you’ll need to know what your goal is. What are the features that you want to see in your yard? What type of grass seeds do you need? What is your ultimate dream for your yard? How much time and effort are you willing to put into the project?  

By knowing what you want, you can determine the best way to get there. When you have the perfect DIY landscape design, it will be much easier to make choices and see your yard take shape. 

  • Choose Plants and Flowers That will Thrive in Your Climate 

While there are many plants and flowers to select from, choosing those that will thrive in your climate is the best way to ensure that you have a lovely yard throughout. Local nurseries and garden centers can help you determine what plants are best for your zone. 

  • Add Accessories such as Rocks, Gravel, and Pebbles 

Decorative accessories such as river rocks, gravel, stones, and pebbles provide the perfect final touch to any backyard landscape. They are a great way to add color, pattern, and texture, which can turn an average yard into the perfect outdoor escape. Place them along your flower bed to provide a beautiful border, or scatter them throughout your yard as an alternative to mulching. We can help: 

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  • Mulch Around Plants to Retain Moisture and Discourage Weeds 

With high temperatures during the summer months, the yard gets dryer than usual, resulting in dead grass, wilting plants, and dried-out flowers. Mulching is a simple way to conserve moisture in your yard and create a hospitable environment for plant life. Mulch helps conserve soil moisture and prevent the growth of weeds – meaning less weeding time for you. 

  • Regularly Prune Trees and Shrubs for a Well-Maintained Look 

The secret to perfect landscaping is regular upkeep and maintenance. Just like your car, your yard needs regular care and attention to ensure it looks its best. Keeping up with regular landscaping maintenance, such as pruning trees and bushes, will keep your yard looking tidy. After pruning, ensure you remove any tree or bush limbs to keep your yard looking well-groomed. 

Get Your Landscaping Supplies from Van Beek’s Landscape Supply 

The success of your landscaping project will depend highly on the quality of your materials. This ensures your plants and flowers will be as healthy as possible. Van Beek’s Landscape Supply offers a wide variety of landscaping supplies such as organic soil, high-quality grass seeds, mulch, gravel, river rock, and more for all of your landscaping needs.  

Our online material calculator will help ensure you only order the exact amount of materials you need for your landscaping project. Contact us today for sustainable, waste-free landscape supply materials.