How to Split, Stack & Store Firewood

Finding a place for your firewood is much more than just sticking it in an unused corner of your garage or shed.

There’s an art and science behind it.

  • The art aspect comes from having a nice looking pile (no matter how big or small) that’s easily accessible.
  • The science part involves storing it a dry location (because wet firewood, frankly, is a waste) with plenty of air circulation.

After you pick up your firewood from Van Beek’s Garden Supplies, make sure it’ll last all winter long by following these splitting, stacking and storing tips.

Firewood maulSplitting your firewood

Usually, there are two types of firewood available:

  • Green: Fresh logs which have literally just come right off the tree stump. Green firewood tends to be more wet and/or damp than its seasoned counterpart.

Before splitting your firewood, you need to prep it first:

  • Cut your firewood to length: Most wood-burning stoves or fireplaces can accommodate at 16”-20” log. The shorter the log is (and the more square its ends are), the easier it will split.
  • Set up a chopping block: A large section of a tree trunk will suffice. Ideally, your chopping block should be about 6” off the ground (not too high and not too low).
  • Be safe: Make sure your chopping area is free of debris and low hanging limbs and that it offers good footing. Wear high quality gloves, steel toe boots and safety goggles.

Use a maul (not an axe) to split your firewood.

A maul is a thicker, heavier, wedge-shaped axe product designed specifically for firewood.

Just remember: Mauls are for splitting firewood. Axes are for chopping it.

When aiming the maul blade directly into any cracks in the log (avoid aiming at knots in the wood), it should split it with effortless ease and not get too stuck.

And with a maul, you don’t really “swing” it. Instead, you drive it into the log and let gravity do the work.

Firewood pileStoring the logs

Most customers choose to stack or lay their firewood in the backyard for two reasons:

  • The sun should be able to reach the wood at all times
  • Wind can circulate from – or in – any direction

Take some time to check out your backyard and select a location that offers great sunlight and can fit the amount of firewood you have.

Your woodpile can be as big or small as you want it. What’s more important is how frequently you intend to use and burn your firewood.

In winter, if you depend on a wood stove to keep warm (like many homeowners in Oakville, Mississauga, Milton or Burlington do), you’ll want a medium to large pile.

Before you start actually storing your firewood:

  • Measure: Draw out and measure the area where you’d like to store your stack.
  • Create a solid base: Concrete or natural stone blocks will shed rain, repel ground water and gives a flat surface for you to build your stack upon.
  • Avoid stacking against walls: Storing your logs against the wall of your shed, garage or home prevents proper airflow and light from getting through.

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Stacking the firewood

Tried and true, rectangular shaped piles allow for maximum airflow and effective, fast drying.

Plus, rectangles simply let you store more wood as needed (especially on its long side).

To protect your firewood from the elements, shelter it with a tin roof, shingles or a weather-resistant tarp.

Fire burningSplitting, seasoning and burning properties of Van Beek’s firewood

Take a look at how the firewood we carry at Van Beek’s Garden Supplies will perform for you.




  • Extremely dense
  • Burns hot
  • Best seasoned at least one year
  • Medium heat burning
  • Sweet aroma
  • Sparks with low smoke
  • Quick burning
  • Bright flames
  • Excellent fire starter


Mixed Blend

  • Long burning
  • High heat
  • Low smoking
  • Fast and slow burning
  • Well-seasoned
  • Easy starter wood

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