Outdoor Lighting Guide: Your Ultimate Reference To Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting is designed and used outside of buildings or outdoor spaces. Exterior lighting makes it conducive for certain tasks to be carried out during the dark by improving your visual performance. You should give outdoor lighting equal attention to indoor lighting since they both enhance your home’s beauty, safety, and security. 

Are you wondering how to install the right outdoor lighting system? Here’s a guide from the lighting experts at Van Beek’s Landscape Supply to get you started. 

Principles Of Outdoor Lighting 

You can bring about the best features of your house through proper lighting positions. Your lighting elements should be placed in positions that light up most of your space and ensure that you avoid large unlit areas. Consider the focal points of your home, like its unique features or its functional parts, which you want to draw attention to. Some great front-of-house lighting positions include; moonlighting or uplighting; and silhouetting, shadowing, or grazing. 

Illuminate your path lights downwards and ensure that your wires are covered up safely. Avoid pointing light fixtures directly at doors and windows as it limits visibility. 

The following are some of the principles that should guide you when setting up an outdoor lighting design: 

1. Target 

You should direct light to a place where it is needed only. Outdoor lights should not point towards windows or doors since they create visual barriers. Additionally, you should set up your outdoor lighting in a manner that only lights up your home and does not affect your neighbours. The path lights you use should target the pathways and not the person’s eyes using the paths because direct light into the eyes is harmful and poses a danger to your safety. 

2. Colour 

A dominant colour in outdoor lighting is essential to the right mood. The choice of colour for your place should be consistent because the use of irregular lighting colours distorts the beauty of your home. For instance, insects are attracted to ultraviolet, blue or yellow colour lights, so it’s essential to know where you want to place lights in your landscape. Luckily, there are outdoor lighting designs that change the colour of your lights by a simple switch. These designs make it easy for you to control the colouring patterns in your home. Let us help:

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3. Focal Point 

The focal point is where your eyes are drawn before they notice any other aspect of the yard. When setting up landscape lighting in your home, it is important to master your focal points. Your outdoor lighting system should concentrate on the things that stand out in your yard. For example, you can use the MINI SCOPE if you want to light up dwarf trees or tall ornamental grasses in your yard. The lighting fixture designs create a focal point by highlighting features like the architecture of your home or certain garden elements. For example, string lights make trees in your home appear like they are covered in many beautiful fireflies. 


4. Controlled Lighting 

A light is to be as bright as the purpose that it is intended to be used for requires. A very bright light is not necessarily better. Reducing the brightness helps you save money, conserve energy and protect the night sky. You should also limit the time you use outdoor lights to only when it is dark. Turning off outdoor lights when you are about to sleep or when the guests depart saves energy.  

You can also invest in a Smart Hub 150 transformer that gives you more control over your outdoor lighting system (you can operate it from your phone using the in-lite app), enabling you to provide security to your home while also saving energy and money. 

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