Annuals to Plant this Long Weekend

Happy Victoria Day

Firstly, everyone at Van Beek’s Garden Supplies wishes you safe and enjoyable Victoria Day holiday.

In between fireworks and barbecues, do your long weekend plans include working in the garden?

If so, the May holiday weekend is an ideal time to get your annuals in the ground because the threat of frost on your triple mix soil has finally passed.

And if you aren’t quite sure which annuals to plant, take a look at these popular and colourful flowers:


Marigolds are a popular due to their bright, cheerful appearance.

  • Marigolds can grow to a height of 48” tall and a spread of 36”
  • Originally from Mexico
  • More pest-resistant than other annuals


Impatiens can be found in gardens all throughout North America.

  • Easy to grow and maintain
  • Brightens any garden with a splash of colour
  • Over 900 varieties of impatiens in North America


Begonias are big and love to show off their bright and delicate petals.

  • There are over 1000 varieties of wild begonias
  • Attracts attention due to its large bloom
  • Can grow to 6”-9” in height

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Petunias are popular ornamental flowers which come in many varieties.

  • Can grow from 6” to 4’ in height
  • Petunias need 5-6 hours of sun per day to grow and thrive
  • The petunia flower is usually shaped like a trumpet

Black-Eyed SusanBlack-Eyed Susan

Black-eyed susans are common wildflowers native to North America.

  • Butterflies are attracted to black-eyed susans
  • Official state flower of Maryland
  • Considered a “pioneer plant” and can grow after a fire


Chamomile is popular for its beauty and the pleasing odour they emit.

  • Usually reaches 12” in height
  • Can be used in tea, lotion, capsules and medicinal drops
  • People allergic to ragweed are often allergic to chamomile too

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Once again, happy long weekend everyone!

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