How to Protect Your Landscaping From Winter Damage

We all know we need to protect ourselves in the winter. Hats, gloves, scarves and boots are essential during the colder months. But what about protecting our property? Similarly, our lawns, shrubs, trees and stonework need to be properly maintained and protected. Here are some landscaping winter prep tips that will help your landscaped property survive the winter.

Put your grass to sleep properly

If it’s not already buried in the garage, get the lawnmower out one more time before it snows again (we all know how ontario weather can be), and mulch the last of the leaves that have fallen or may have been leftover. It’s easier than raking and also supplies nutrients to your lawn. Remove any branches that may be on your lawn as well. If you can, apply a late-season fertilizer. It will supply your grass with added strength for winter survival.

Give your trees and shrubbery a coat

Cold temperatures, dry winds, bright winter sun and animals can all cause damage to your shrubs and newly-planted trees during the winter months. That’s why you have to protect them the best you can.

Continue watering your shrubs and baby trees until the first frost. After that, apply three to four inches of mulch around the base of the plant. Leave a few inches of space between the trunk and the mulch to avoid rot. Tree guards, either plastic or wire, will add even more protection from animals. Shrubs can be wrapped in either shrub jackets or tree wraps to protect them from the elements. They can be found at our garden centre.

Cover up statues and other heavy outdoor accessories

Statues, fountains and other large outdoor accessories that cannot be brought into your home or garage should be covered up. You can protect them in a few easy steps. Statues should be cleaned and drained of any leftover water. Then wrap them up in a cover and securely tighten.

Fountains should of course be drained and cleaned. Bring the pump indoors to avoid damage. Again, cover with a fountain wrap and securely tighten. Large birdbaths and planters should also be drained, covered and placed on higher ground if possible.

Protect your patios and decks

Take care and clean up the place where you’re likely to be sitting during the warm months of the year. Patios and decks should be treated in the late fall, if not, some structural damage could occur over the winter. However, there are plenty of ways to minimize potential damage:

  • All outdoor furniture should be removed from your deck. The added weight can cause cracking or fracturing during cold snaps.
  • Sweep decks and patio areas of any piles of leaves or branches between snowfalls, you never know what might blow onto your property.
  • When the snow does start to come down, watch what you use on your deck, patio, walkways and driveway. Shovels should be plastic or have a rubber edge on them so no chipping or scraping happens. If it’s a light dusting of snow, try using a broom instead.

A little bit of landscaping winter prep can go along away. Contact Van Beek’s for all your landscaping needs! By putting in the work now, it ensures that come springtime, you’ll be ready to enjoy your backyard paradise all summer long.  Remember, it’s never too late to protect your landscaping from winter damage.