Retaining Walls: How Do Know If You Need One?

retaining wall in backyardA well-constructed retaining wall can offer functionality and beauty. They are everywhere, you may not even notice them, but they’re an excellent way to solve a landscaping problem while still keeping your property looking its best. The question is: do you need one? Let’s take a deeper look at retaining walls and what you need to consider before deciding whether it’s time to put one up on your property.

The Purpose of a Retaining Wall

Before you decide, you need to know what a retaining wall does. They have many different types of applications, such as:

Combat Soil Erosion

If you have a hill on your property, erosion will most likely be a concern for you at some point in the future. With help from water and gravity, a hill will start to erode over time. Installing a retaining wall can prevent some of that erosion by cutting down the angle of a slope and holding the soil back.

Add Useable Space

Again, if you have a hill on your property, a retaining wall can be installed to create a flat, usable area on the hill. They can also be used to build terraces and gardens.

Prevent or Reduce Flooding

If you live near water or possible flooding areas, retaining walls can slow down the flow of heavy rainfalls. You can also use them to help control where the flow of rainwater goes on your property.

Signs You Need a Retaining Wall

1. Location of your home

If your home is at the bottom of a hill or at the bottom of a steep incline you should definitely consider installing a retaining wall, especially if there is a very tall or steep incline.

2. Your foundation is at risk

If you even suspect that the erosion of a hill around your home could impact the foundation of your home, a retaining wall should be installed. Erosion on a slope can compact an uphill foundation.

3. Peace of mind

There are many things that can happen to the land around your home. A retaining wall can prevent any sort of mudslide or ground shake that could affect your home. They can offer you and your family stability and peace of mind when it comes to your property.

What Type of Retaining Wall Should You Install?

You have a few options when looking at retaining walls:

Timber walls – This is your least expensive option. However, they also won’t lost as long due to the moisture from the soil wearing down the timber.

Poured concrete or interlocking blocks – This style of retaining wall will cost you slightly more. It offers some durability and strength,  but very little visual appeal.

Natural stone – The most visually attractive option, the variety of colours and contours will add a ton of style and character to any landscape. It also offers long term durability.

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