5 Small Landscaping Jobs That Will Make a Big Impact

At Van Beek’s Garden Supplies, it’s an ideal time to tackle those projects that can make a big difference in your outdoor landscaping.

garden edging1. Give your garden a fresh edge

Cuts from the lawnmower and grass trimmer, combined with weather exposure, means that your garden edging is probably ready to be replaced.

An easy way to tell is if any triple mix soil or mulch is spilling from your garden onto the grass.

In order to complete this task over the long weekend, you may want to use iron garden edging.

It comes in all styles and designs and is super-easy to install (all it takes is staking it into the ground).

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2. Fill in the bare patches with grass seed

If you haven’t yet done so, you should fill bald spots on your lawn which are usually caused by:

  • Foot traffic
  • Shade (or lack of sun exposure)
  • Pets

Sprinkling grass seed now will make sure it takes hold and starts growing before the scorching summer heat kicks in.

gravel3. Top up any gravel pathways

Have you noticed that some areas on your gravel driveway or walkways look lower than others?

That’s because, aggregate stones can dip or blow away, creating a sunken look.

Here’s the quick way to properly apply new gravel to your landscaping:

  • Fill in the area as needed
  • Tamp or compact the gravel using a 2×4 (or your car if you’re doing the driveway)

4. Build a flagstone path

A flagstone path is a welcome addition to any backyard and shouldn’t take more than the long weekend to finish.

To make the job go faster, once you place the stones on the ground for reference (but before you actually install them), sprinkle flour on them.

The flour creates an outline of where you placed the stones and where you should cut away the sod.

interlock paver stone5. Clean your interlock

Every so often, your interlocking stone pavers could use a thorough cleaning.

If you’re not hosting any company this long weekend, you should take advantage by washing away any dirt, debris or stains on your patio stones.

And if you’re lucky enough to own a power washer, this job will take no time at all.

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