Great Canadian Flowers for Your Garden

The spring gardening season is here. It’s time to spruce up your landscaping with colourful plants, flowers and more. And because 2017 also happens to be Canada’s 150th birthday, here are some terrific Canadian flowers you can add to your triple mix soil this year. Trilliums The official flower of the province of Ontario (where …

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The Best Things to Plant in Fall

Traditionally, spring is the busiest gardening season here at Van Beek’s Garden Supplies. The second busiest? Autumn. Planting in fall provides a few benefits which you just can’t get any other time of the year: Cooler air temperatures are easier on plants and gardeners alike Triple mix soil is still warm enough to allow roots …

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Yes You Can! Small September Gardening Jobs

The kids are off to school. The summer’s over. Not much left to do in the garden, right? Actually, there’s a bunch of September gardening jobs which you can take care of now – and enjoy the results in a few weeks or months. And if you think because September’s here, you won’t have enough …

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