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Early fall is a good time to rejuvenate your lawn. A question we get asked often at Van Beek’s Garden Supplies is whether sod or grass seed is best. The short answer is that both can be effective in growing lush, thick and very green grass around your home. It just depends on what you …

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How to Achieve 90% of Germination on Your Grass Seed

A majority of the grass seed products we carry at Van Beek’s Garden Supplies carries a germination rating of 90-95%. Now, that’s the percentage of seeds which germinated in laboratory tests. Veteran gardeners know that, once that grass seed hits their lawns, the number is much lower. But it doesn’t have to be. Understanding the …

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Grass Seed FAQs

Until very recently, we’ve had a mild winter. And that run of unusually warm weather has brought many people to both Van Beek’s Garden Supplies locations asking about grass seed. So we’ve collected all of the common questions we’ve heard over the past few weeks and put them together here for you. Enjoy! Q: I’ve …

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