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Firstly, everyone at both Van Beek’s Garden Supplies locations in Oakville and Mississauga want to wish you all the best in 2017. And because it’s January, that means cold, snowy weather and bitter wind chill temperatures too. It’s also the perfect time to stay indoors and keep warm by a toasty, roaring fire.   You …

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How to Split, Stack & Store Firewood

Finding a place for your firewood is much more than just sticking it in an unused corner of your garage or shed. There’s an art and science behind it. The art aspect comes from having a nice looking pile (no matter how big or small) that’s easily accessible. The science part involves storing it a …

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It took a while, but the bone-chilling temperatures usually associated with winter have finally arrived. Because it’s been so warm for so long, you may not have picked up your firewood from Van Beek’s Garden Supplies yet. Fortunately, we have plenty of firewood available for you to enjoy all season long. Additionally, we have a …

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