Topsoil Tasks to Tackle this Long Weekend

Victoria Day
Have a great Victoria Day weekend

Finally, the first long weekend of the spring is just around the corner.

(Before we forget, we’d like to wish a very Happy Victoria Day to you and your family).

The weather’s expected to be perfect; meaning you’ll be able to spend plenty of time outside to work on your garden or landscaping.

The most logical place to start is with your triple mix soil.

That’s because without fresh, nutrient-rich topsoil from Van Beek’s Garden Supplies your plants won’t look as good or be as strong as they could be.

Before you start planting, weeding or watering your lawn this weekend, make certain to take care of these important topsoil jobs.

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Job 1: Download your FREE copy of How to Identify & Avoid Poor Topsoil

At first glance, all topsoil may look and feel the same.

But when you download your FREE copy of How to Identify & Avoid Poor Topsoil, you’ll know what separates good soil delivery (like the kind you’ll get from Van Beek’s) versus low quality, poor-performing topsoil.

Other things you’ll learn inside this FREE guide include:

  • 5 factors to consider when buying topsoil
  • How good topsoil can help your garden grow
  • How bad topsoil can negatively impact your landscaping
  • Easy-to-perform tests you can do anytime on your soil

Before the long weekend gets here, make sure you grab your FREE copy of How to Identify & Avoid Poor Topsoil and keep it with you when you arrange topsoil delivery.

Soil calculator
Try our FREE soil calculator

Job 2: Calculate how much soil you need

When it comes to bulk soil delivery or soil bags for your garden, you don’t want to buy too much or not enough.

An easy and smart way to get an accurate estimate on how much soil you need for your lawn or garden is to use a FREE soil calculator.

It’s easy. Just grab a tape measure and enter the length and width of the garden bed or area you want to fill.

Then, decide how deep/thick you want the topsoil to be.

Once you have all those numbers, enter them in the landscape material calculator and you’ll have a clearer picture on the amount of topsoil you’ll need.

Job 3: Find a good place to store your soil

Before you arrange for topsoil delivery (we’ll get to that later), you should find a good place to store any extra soil you won’t be using this long weekend.

You could leave it out in the open, but it’s not generally recommended due to three factors:

  • Sun: If topsoil gets too hot, the sun will dry it out completely
  • Rain: Too much rain will wash away your soil supply
  • Wind: Those windy spring days can blow some of your topsoil away

If you have an enclosed shed, it’ll be a perfect place to keep your topsoil nice and dry.

Plus, storing your soil indoors will keep it clean and free of pollutants like dust or weeds.

Just make sure your shed doesn’t have any leaks in the roof and that the landscaping topsoil is placed on high, level ground.

Book topsoil delivery
Get soil bags delivered to you

Job 4: Book your topsoil delivery

You know what to look for when selecting a good quality topsoil mix.

You’ve figured out how much you’ll need.

You’ve got a dry, clean and safe place to store it.

The next job you’ll need to take care of is to arrange to have Van Beek’s deliver soil right to your home.

How it gets there is completely up to you. Choose from:

  • Soil bags: Highly convenient, soil bags make it easy to store, move and access your supply
  • Bulk delivery: Your order is dumped on your driveway; perfect for front garden use and easy shoveling

In case you’re wondering; we’ll make sure your topsoil order gets delivered in time for the Victoria Day long weekend, no matter where you live in Oakville, Mississauga or surrounding areas.

Top dress with fresh soil

Job 5: Topdressing the garden

In the winter and first part of spring, your garden topsoil has been exposed to a variety of temperature changes and natural elements (snow, wind, rain, cold, etc.).

So right now, it might look a bit dull and old.

With your newly fresh supply of topsoil, you can instantly revitalize the look and feel of your garden.

At the same time, you’ll give any plants, flowers and annuals you want to plant a fresh source of food.

You aren’t looking to overfill your garden beds. Rather, you want to smooth out and level the soil surface.

Topdressing the garden also helps with:

  • Thatch: Dried up stems pile up on the soil surface not only look bad but they also prevent water from reaching plant roots
  • Root development: It’s much easier for roots to take hold in fresh, nutrient-rich soil than it is in dry, nutrient-poor conditions

Let us help you with all your soil needs this Victoria Day weekend

If you already know:

  • How much topsoil you’ll need
  • How you want it delivered
  • What/how you’ll use it

Contact us for a FREE quote or to book your topsoil product delivery.

If you have questions about:

  • The topsoil we carry
  • How topsoil should be used in your garden
  • The composition of our triple mix soil

Ask us any questions you have or download your copy of How to Identify & Avoid Poor Topsoil.

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