Yes You Can! Spread One Last Layer of Topsoil in 2015

Yes you canOctober is here.

And with it come shorter days, falling leaves and cooler temperatures.

If you had topsoil delivery way back in the spring, your garden may be looking old and worn out.

The autumn weather conditions won’t help improve its appearance either.

At this time of year, we usually hear two questions when it comes to putting down another layer of triple mix soil.

  1. Should I put down one last layer before the frost and winter arrive?
  2. Is it too late to spread down topsoil and should I just wait until next year to do it?

Our next installment in our “Yes You Can!” series tells you that yes, you can (and should) spread one last layer of topsoil this year.

Here’s why:

Cold temperaturesIt’ll be too cold to do it later

Would you rather spread topsoil when:

  • The temperatures are consistently above freezing
  • There’s still adequate daylight to work in
  • The ground is still soft enough – and not covered in frost – spread the soil

Or would you rather spread topsoil when:


  • It’s really cold out
  • It gets dark at 4pm
  • The ground is frozen or covered in frost

Before you know it, winter will be here soon.

By then, it’ll too late to put down that last layer of topsoil from a soil bag.

Fresh soil keeps your garden healthy during the winter

Fresh, triple mix soil from Van Beek’s Garden Supplies is full of great minerals and nutrients your garden needs to grow and thrive.

Over time, though, they get depleted from the topsoil.

And when that happens, your garden goes hungry.

By adding a fresh layer of topsoil now, you’ll ensure your garden has the vitamins, minerals and organic matter it needs to survive the harsh winter.


  • Your garden doesn’t simply die in the winter….
  • …Instead, it goes into a dormant, slow growing state…
  • …But it still needs food to survive and come back strong next spring…

There’s no better way to get that food than with new topsoil.

And there’s no better time to spread it than right now.

It helps your lawn recover from the summer

It’s been a long, hot summer.

The cooler weather and shorter days will do wonders for helping with root restoration and growth.

By placing fresh topsoil on your grass now (and fresh grass seed too), you’ll help it by:

  • Repairing thin or bare spots in your lawn
  • Helping the grass seed get a strong start
  • Giving the grass itself extra energy to store during the winter

Just like certain gardens, lawns and grass do not just die in the winter (and come back in the spring).

Instead, their growth slows down dramatically. But they still need food to keep them going during the cold months.

Spring gardeningIt makes it easier to garden in the spring

Spreading fresh soil now will save you time in the spring with:

  • Less tilling of soil in preparation for planting
  • Shorter time spent rejuvenating your garden or lawn
  • No weeds or crab grass to pull out (since you’ve done it before the winter)

We’re your source for all things topsoil

All spring and summer, we’ve been providing gardeners all over Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Mississauga with all their topsoil needs.

And we can do the same in the fall by providing you with:

Just contact us today and let us know what you need and where you need it.

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