Brick Driveways

While brick driveways have been popular for centuries, new interlocking pavers provide more durability, flexibility and ease of installation than ever before. A wide variety of colours and styles is also available.

New Advances in Brick Driveways

Brick DrivewaysBrick driveways are popular for a number of reasons. They are slip-resistant, durable and easy to install and maintain. You can also be very creative with bricks and pavers by experimenting with size, colour and design patterns. New interlocking pavers, however, offer improvements in each one of these categories.

Unilock, a very popular type of interlocking paver, offers increased strength and versatility over traditional bricks. These pavers are ideal for driveways, patios, steps, walkways, retaining walls and even stone barbecues. Maintenance is much easier as well, since individual bricks can be washed or replaced if needed. Unilock pavers also hold up well to our sometimes harsh Southern Ontario winters and stand up to snow shovels, salt and other de-icing methods. These pavers often age beautifully over time, with rich colours and patinas that reflect the natural environment aroung your home.

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