Buy Top Soil

Buy Topsoil

Topsoil is the topmost layer of the soil. It usually covers the top 2 to 8 inches and has the highest concentration of organic matter and micro-organisms in it. This makes it extremely rich in nutrients. That’s why plants generally concentrate their roots in this layer. Keeping in mind its importance, you need to be careful when you buy topsoil. Here are some pointers that may help you out:

  • Never buy topsoil which comes from areas that are weed-infested or contaminated with toxic chemicals.
  • When you buy topsoil make sure that it’s similar in texture to your garden soil and free of any debris.
  • Till the existing soil before you buy topsoil and spread it out. Order enough to cover at least 3 to 6 inches of your planting area.
  • Check to ensure that the soil has a rich dark color. If it is lighter shade or white, it indicates the presence of too much salt.
  • Crush the dirt between your fingers. If it crumbles easily, it’s good topsoil. If it’s hard to crumble, it could be because of low organic matter or high clay content.

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