Gardening Soils

Soil for Gardening

You may buy the best plants for your garden, but, if the quality of your gardening soil is poor, they will not bloom the way you want them to. Good gardening soil is deep, loose, fertile, and well-drained, both internally and on the surface. It also has plenty of organic matter, and is free of weeds and diseases. There are five basic kinds of gardening soil:

  1. Clay soil – Very few plants can survive in a heavy clay gardening soil as it doesn’t allow room for much air.
  2. Sandy soil – This soil has trouble holding moisture and nutrients for the plants
  3. Silt soils – Somewhere between clay soil and sandy soil, silt soil is very beneficial for gardening.
  4. Peat soil – While it is rich in organic matter, peat soil is too acidic for most plants.
  5. Saline soil – Found in arid climates, this type of soil is very alkaline and infertile.

People living in Southern Ontario, especially around the communities of Oakville, Milton, Burlington and Mississauga have problems with the level of sand and clay in their gardening soil. Therefore, it is advisable to use a good soil mix. This provides plants with a favorable environment to flourish in.

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