Grass Seed Mulch

Grass Seed Mulch

Are you thinking of growing a lawn? Or does that ugly bare spot in your garden bother you? Whatever your requirements, using grass seeds can be the inexpensive solution.

Some basic tips need to be kept in mind before you start. The depth at which the grass seeds are planted is an important factor. With most grass seeds that depth is 1/8 to 1/4 of soil above the seed. The soil should have good moisture and be in close contact with the grass seeds. It would be a good idea to firm the soil with the help of a light roller. The temperature and the season must be right for the particular kind of grass seeds you’ve chosen. Spring and fall are generally considered the best seasons. You may have to water the lawn a few times a day but make sure that the soil is moist and not wet.

Since moisture is very important for grass seeds, it is wise to have a protective ‘mulch blanket’ to retain the moisture. Mulch also helps the grass seeds to put out strong roots and protects them from hot sun and drying winds. Once the grass seeds germinate, the mulch dissipates, leaving behind only lush new grass.

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