Grass Topdressing

Grass topdressing, which consists of a mixture of organic topsoil and natural fibres or compost, is necessary when soil conditions may prevent the root systems of lawn seed or sod from establishing themselves in the ground. Here in Southern Ontario, where the dirt is mixed with soil and clay, grass topdressing is a vital step in establishing a new lawn.

Using Grass Topdressing in Southern Ontario

Grass Topdressing

Professional landscapers and experienced home gardeners know the advantages of using a grass topdressing to create a suitable finish to the ground beneath grass seed and sod. High-quality topdressing usually starts with an organic topsoil that has been sifted through a screen to remove all excess weeds and debris, and then tested for moisture retention and fertility. The sifting also creates a more consistent texture to the soil that will allow it to be more easily spread onto the ground.

Organic fibres or compost is usually added to the topsoil to act as a natural fertilizer. These materials are rich in the nutrients that grass and sod need to establish a healthy root system that will withstand the temperature extremes we experience here in Southern Ontario. In most cases, the soil and the fibres are then sifted through a screen one more time to ensure further consistency.

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