Landscaping Soil

Landscaping Soil

There is a vast variety of landscaping soil available in the market and, contrary to popular belief, they do make a difference to the kind of garden you end up having. You must adapt your landscaping soil so that is compatible with the trees and plants you are planning to grow. Take pains to choose the soil carefully and you will have a lush, productive garden. The different kinds of landscaping soil include:

  • Soil Conditioner: Generally used when laying turf, a soil conditioner enriches the soil before the laying of the sods.
  • Planter Mix: This landscaping soil forms a solid base in your garden. It gives the root system of the plants the necessary stability and nutrients to take a secure hold.
  • Topsoil screened: This type of landscaping soil offers an interesting background to the colorful and exotic displays in a garden thanks to its uniform dark brown color and regular sized soil particles.
  • Topsoil / Mulch Mix: This mixture of water-retaining mulch and topsoil is a good option for areas with a shallow base.

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