Landscaping Stones

Landscaping stones, which can vary from pea-sized to large boulders, can be used in a wide variety of gardening and outdoor designs. These stones can be used for both decorative and practical applications.

Uses for Landscaping Stones

Landscaping Stones

From a gravel path to a large retaining wall, landscaping stones can be used in a number of ways:

  • Pond stones can be used to mark waterfalls or other types of natural borders.
  • Flagstones can be used to build paths, patios and even steps.
  • Crushed gravel and pea stone can be used for dog runs and childrens’ playgrounds.
  • Boulders and ledgestones can be used to create a centerpiece in a garden bed.
  • Aggregates such as crushed limestone or sand made from bricks and concrete can be used as bases for patios and retaining walls.

Landscaping stones also come in a variety of textures and colors to match every type of outdoor decor. Potato Stone, River Rock, Ontario Flagstone and Weathered Mossy Rockery Stone are commonly used in the Southern Ontario area to reflect decorative themes found in the natural environment around us.

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