Lawn Sod

Before you choose a variety of lawn sod, you need to take the time to analyze and prepare the soil for the most productive results. A premium topdressing and a high-quality grass seed product are also essential to your gardening success.

Laying Down Lawn Sod in Southern Ontario

Lawn Sod

Throughout the GTA/Golden Horseshoe area, professional landscapers and homeowners rely upon high quality lawn sod for a healthy, lush turf that stands up to our sometimes extreme weather conditions. But laying lawn sod require much more than a strong back and a garden hose. Before you use lawn sod to create a new lawn, you must examine your soil conditions. You need to see how much clay and sand are in the ground, and whether drainage patterns are compacting the dirt so that oxygen won’t reach the root systems. This is where a premium topdressing, made from organic topsoil and organic compost fibres, comes in.

You also need to choose a high-quality lawn sod grown from premium grass seeds. This means that the seeds must be relatively fresh to maintain high germination percentages, and that the sod is free from weeds, contaminants and debris. A dense seed pattern within the sod can alleviate most of these issues.

At Van Beek’s Garden Supply, we carry a wide variety of lawn sod grown using premium Speare grass seed. We’ve been supplying lawn and garden supplies to professionals and homeowners in Mississauga, Oakville, Etobicoke, Burlington and Milton since 1962.

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