Organic Mulch

When it comes to organic gardening and landscaping in Southern Ontario, organic mulch is a safe and effective alternative to potentially dangerous chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers and weed killers.

Choosing Organic Mulch for Your Garden or Landscaping Project


If you’re a home gardener or landscape professional who is committed to organic methods that are friendly to the environment, using organic mulch can be an effective solution. Whether you choose cocoa bean, BC red cedar, pine bark nuggets, cypress or dehydrated mulch, you can protect your plants against weeds, insects and harsh weather conditions. Here’s how organic mulch works:

  • Placing a layer over topsoil, topdressing or compost maintains moisture levels in the soil during dry or cold periods, reducing the need for constant watering
  • This layer insulates root structures from temperature extremes so that frost and extreme heat will be less damaging to plant growth
  • Many mulches, such as cocoa bean hulls, seal after watering and inhibit weed growth
  • Aromatic covers such as BC red cedar can actually repel insects naturally, without the use of potentially dangerous chemicals

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