Organic Topsoil

When choosing an organic topsoil supplier in Southern Ontario, take the time to ask specific questions about how the soil mixes are produced. It may seem strange to be picky when it comes to dirt, but professional landscapers and groundskeepers know that the foundation of a beautiful garden or lawn relies upon the quality of the soil mix.

Asking Questions About Organic Topsoil

Organic Topsoil

Most of your questions about organic topsoil should concern the processes used to filter, test and sterilize the mixes. Ask your topsoil vendor the following:

  • Is the topsoil constantly tested for moisture and fertility using only organic means?
  • Are fine screens, as opposed to herbicides, used to filter out weeds and debris?
  • Are organic fibres and compost used to fertilize the soil?
  • What methods are actually employed to sterilize the topsoil? Are those methods friendly to the environment?

Once you have been assured that your organic topsoil does not violate any bans on insecticides or chemical fertilizers in places such as Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga and Milton, then you can compare prices, services and variety. Remember that an inferior product that has not been processed through organic means may damage your yard and garden for many seasons to come. At Van Beek’s Garden Supply, we use the finest screens in the industry and completely organic testing methods to process our organic topsoil and fertilizers.

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